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Here are guidelines: http://marylowd.com/ROAR-8-Submission-Call.html

Short version: general audience furry stories; theme “paradise”; 2k - 18k, prefers 4K - 12k; opens at the end of the summer; deadline Feb. 1, 2017.

I accidentally told a few peeps that I was in Roar 8, rather than Roar 7.

So, I’m going to have to write a very, very good Paradise themed story so I don’t make a liar out of myself.


Maybe this will be my year :wink: Story outlining has begun!

Saw this earlier, already have been working on something. =D


I’ve got 10 months! (well 9 months and 27 days. hush) i can do this! and it’s a good suspect for me because i do better with happy stories.

I’ll be submitting. :slight_smile:

Have “first submission” jitters though.

That, and my brain went to an idea that I think is very different from where most other writers would go.

Opening to submissions next week! Get ready!

ROAR Volume 8 is now open for submissions! http://marylowd.com/ROAR-8-Submission-Call.html

Oh boy!

I’ve got just the idea, a transgender trans-species idea too!

hops to running

I’m thinking of an idea. I’ve written it down and have to let it cook a little before I start outlining. I really want to do this submission!

Oooo, another anthology I can submit to! I’ve been wanting to get into this one, actually. Thankfully, I think I’ve gotten over my first-time publishing anxiety…for the most part.

‪Only two weeks left to submit! http://marylowd.com/ROAR-8-Submission-Call.html‬

ROAR 8 received 63 submissions, adding up to 350k words. All submissions have been sent responses.

18 stories were accepted, adding up to 100k words. The average quality of submissions this year was very high, so many of the final choices came down to a question of the editor’s personal preference and which stories fit well together. This is the first time that the order of the stories snapped together relatively effortlessly, like the stories selected belonged together and wanted to tell a story together. I’m very excited about how this anthology has turned out. I’ll announce the table of contents later, though I know there are already plenty of whispers in the community about which stories got in (which is fine).


These are the stories that will be in ROAR 8:

“Northern Delights” by Madison Keller
“Flying Back to Paradise” by Jelliqal Belle
“Personal History” by Tim Susman
“The Lion Sleeps” by Frances Pauli
“Tucked Away” by E.S. Lapso
“When Pigs Fly” by Amy Fontaine
“Funnel Dresses” by Priya Sridhar
“A Christmas Tale for the Disenchanted” by Mark Blickley
“Bite the Apple” by Christopher Shaffer
“Lonesome Peak” by John Giezentanner
“When the Milk Men Come” by Searska Greyraven
“Nor’Killik” by Matt Doyle
“We Are One” by Thurston Howl
“Lucid” by Nicholas Hardin
“Castle Phoenix” by Bill Kieffer
“Kypris’ Kiss” by Slip Wolf
“Behesht” by Dwale
“Hope for the Harbingers” by Allison Thai

Be very excited, people. These are some great stories. And all together, they pull into an amazing journey examining the concept of paradise. This is a book that can change you. At least, some of these stories changed me; they’ll be staying with me for a long time. You should all read this book.

P.S. The art for the cover is a perfect illustration of Tim Susman’s “Personal History,” and it’s gorgeous.

This is the takeaway that I find most exciting, as it suggests the FWG mission is meeting with some success.

Looking forward to this one!

Really pleased by this comment! The stories dearest to my heart are the ones that have changed me, inspired me, stuck with me through the years, and my greatest aspiration as a writer has always been to one day do this for someone else. I’m honored to be part of this book and excited to read the whole thing! :smiley:

I’ve already voiced my comments and we had a good discussion on the Slack forum, but I’ll reiterate here that I really look forward to seeing how the story order reflects the progression in theme from personal to symbolical. For me, coming from a Catholic background, my mind immediately jumped to the latter. I wonder how the diversity in other writers’ experiences, motives, and interests are presented through their stories.

ROAR 8 is now available for pre-order from FurPlanet!!!


That cover by Teagan is gorgeous.