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RF 2015 - Unofficial Editors Meetup

This idea got thrown around in the Shoutbox a lot, and I think we should totally do it.

I’m thinking dinner or something (maybe at 13 Coins or something like that, since they have those large tables in the back area) around 6:30pm on FRIDAY.

Thoughts? The last thing I have to do for the evening ends around 6pm, and it’s the only night I’d have free for something like this. Also seems like the last writing panel (until 9pm) ends at 6pm, so it might work well?

Could be fun if I can find time. :slight_smile:

Oh my god can I come can I come can I come

I want to join the cool kids’ club :smiley:

Maybe. Yes.

I think I’m on that 9pm panel, so not sure if I should risk it x.x

We’re running our Fangs and Fonts panel at that time

I COMPLETELY meant to say Friday. I’m not available Saturday either. Sorry! Changing the first post to Friday. Same time.

Friday evening looks like it would work for me.

Friday works for me also. :smiley:

I-if I bring my bottle of Writer’s Tears can I come along too? >_>

A spy! :open_mouth:

Bearing good irish whiskey.

We would be going to a restaurant, so I doubt they’d let you in with outside beverages.