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Reviews Wanted:creative reviews for a Pokemon Fanfic.

I’m looking for someone to read my novel length Pokemon Fanfic. This is what I started my writing career with. It has been edited by myself with a major overhaul from what is currently posted on FA or other sites. This is mostly a “practice” run of creating a PDF.

What is the Story About?
[i]This story started as how myself and my Cousin’s adventure would be like. It started along the time when black and white was sold in America. I kept it to Kanto region but I added in a couple extras.

This journey is a journaling of my actual caught and raised teams of Pokémon. Each one modeled exactly after my own team I used to beat leafgreen. The story revolves around me finding a shiny Vulpix and it leads to interesting outcomes.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/711c064npf355sr/Lost%20Pokemon%20Episodes%20Season%20One%20v2_3.rar?dl=0 the file is zipped as a .RAR file, so winRar or other program is needed.

What I am seeking:

[ul][li]Honest reviews and critiques[/li]
[li]How story flow is. Are fights too telling vs showing?[/li]
[li]How is the personalities of Pokémon?[/li]
[li]is the length of chapters pleasing?[/li][/ul]

There is no time limits but I would like to get any reviews I can. Post your reviews here, feedback to improve my writing style will vastly help my novel for publishing.

Thanks in advanced and leave a reply if you plan to review it.