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Reviews of Furry Books You've Written

I thought I’d just start one big thread for reviews we’ve written. Here’s mine:

Save the Day

Smiley and the Hero

Thousand Leaves


Beautiful World

The Iron Star

Basecraft Cirrostratus


Out of Position

Isolation Play


Best in Show

Allasso Vol. 1

Allasso Vol. 2

ROAR Vol. 4

Improbable… Never Impossible

Six Impossible Things

By Sword and Star

No Oath Sworn

ROAR Vol. 3

Common and Precious

Tales of the Fur Side

Bait and Switch

Alone in the Dark

Trick or Treat

ROAR Vol. 1

New Fables 2009

Breaking the Ice

Out of Position

ROAR Vol. 2

Did I win? :slight_smile:

Here’s everything from my Furry shelf at Goodreads that I’ve written a review for:

Trick or Treat

RedSilver: Nature’s Evolutions

Otters in Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly



Hot Dish

Six Impossible Things


Grandville Bête Noire


In the Doghouse of Justice

Science Friction

Dangerous Jade

By Sword and Star

Wolves and War (Planet Wolf #1)


The Blood Jaguar

Badger’s Moon

War Dog and Marginalized Populations

March 2014

Dogs of War

Song of the Summer King


July 2014

The Mysterious Affair of Giles

Five Fortunes

Tails of a Clockwork World

N’Duk The Hunter: The White Towers and Other Stories (Volume 1)

Claws and Starships

Handcuffs & Lace

Green Fairy

In the Doghouse of Justice

The Blade to Your Hand


Save the Day

Roar Volume One