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Review: The Species of Blessing Avenue by Graveyard Greg

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3 stars out of 5.

I have a love/hate relationship with this book. I bought this shortly after reading Deathless, also done by Graveyard Greg which I loved. The stories are written good (almost), the characters are overall okay but there are some aspects that have left me baffled and bewildered.

For instance, a character, that is knowledgeable about werewolves, is shown a man turning into a huge muscle-bound were-lion. I expected the reaction to be more stronger than “Oh, okay.” Seeing is different than believing - no matter how knowledgeable he is of the supernatural world. In a real life situation, he would have either pooped his pants in fear or jaw dropped in amazement.

There is no described setting of time which left me confused after the first story because I expected it be continuous which it isn’t.

There was a brief event flashback mentioned in the second part and it sounded good for a story. Why didn’t Greg write it? I don’t know but it sounded more interesting than the story it was written in.

Lastly, you may call this a trope but I see it more of a cliche. I am sick of seeing Goth magic casting boys/girls. I want someone to break this mould. Maybe a gangster wannabe and one of the spell invocations is YOLO.

I didn’t read the third part because I don’t read erotica/smut.

In conclusion, I liked this book but it could have been better.

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