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Returning and re-introducing

Good day to all writers and those interesting in writing! I have been a long time member of Fur Affinity (since 2009) and have been able to meet some of the greats of the Furry Writers Guild at Further Confusion in 2015. I really want to work on getting published with anthropomorphic anthologies or small publications, and focus on stories of the more fantasy (sometimes urban), as well as more adult themes. I hope to receive advice from those who have been published and what methods you found really worked to keep you motivated. That is my big challenge. Hoping to eventually join the Guild and share my works. Thank you. :slight_smile:



I find chocolate and alcohol help my motivation.


I find reading good fiction helps get me motivated.

Also, keep trying. Even if you get rejected, learn from your mistakes and push forward.

Welcome to the forums!

You are in the right place to do all the things you have stated :slight_smile: