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Requesting feedback: science fiction story

Hello again.

I have a short story that could use a bit of workshopping. I plan to submit it to the “Exploring New Places” anthology, the deadline of which, as I understand it, is May 31. It explores the anthology theme in two somewhat indirect ways, so primarily I’m concerned that either one of those comes across. But of course all other feedback is necessary and welcomed.

Because the story turned out a bit long (~5300 words), I’m willing to do some tit-for-tat.

For those interested, please let me know which e-mail address to send it to.

Thank you,

Hey, I’m all ears. You can send it here: alex96009620@gmail.com.

Hi, Magma.

Thanks for the offer!
Unfortunately, I’ve already submitted this story to the anthology. But if it gets rejected I will contact you. I was told to expect a response early next month.