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Requesting Feedback on two short stories

I recently wrote my first couple of short stories and I’m hoping to find some folks to read them and give feedback. Both stories focus on my wolf character Zephyr, who’s part of a special ops team. They’re about missions that he and his team have gone on, so they do have a lot of combat scenes and violence. I really want to get feedback because these are really the first things I’ve written creatively. The first story is about 19,200 words and the second is just under 19,700 words. If anyone is interested please let me know so I can email them to you. Definitely willing to do tit-for-tat feedback for anyone who helps me out.

The first story, Tempest Tossed, has the team heading to a recently uncovered WW2 era ice base in the arctic. They quickly discover that the US isn’t the only country who wants the secrets hidden within the base.

Second story, The Amazonian Conflict, has them going down to South America to launch a rescue mission and face off against a cartel. This story is set after Tempest Tossed, so there are spoilers for that story in this one.