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Requesting feedback: magical realism story

Hello all.

I’m easing my way back into the publishing game, and have an experimental short story I’m considering shipping out, because I sort of like it. I was interested in some feedback, though, because it’s a bit mysterious at the moment (that comes based on previous feedback) and I’m trying to decide how best to smooth it out. I originally prepared and submitted it a long time ago to the first FWG Anthology (themed around music), but pulled it after I realized that it was more obtuse than I thought it was, even if I couldn’t fully admit that to myself at the time (belated thanks to the other two anthology judges for pointing this out to me). But I still like the concept, so I recently gave it another try.

It’s around 3300 words long. But fair warning: I gave it a nontraditional structure, and have left room for interpretation, so you may have to put in some extra effort to guess what I thought I was going for. Like I said… experimental. It has a plot (perhaps more accurately three plots, actually, taking place in tandem), but it’s less about that and more about exploring a concept. In this case the concept is how different people deal with their status as minorities in a society that hasn’t quite figured out how to be properly inclusive. Ooooo~ heavy stuff. But I’m trying to use the furry “genre” to tackle more literary subjects, because hey, I think it could be used for that.

I note the guidelines here state I can post the whole thing, but others seem to be sending stuff via e-mail, so I’ll do it that way as well. If interested, let me know where I should send it.

And yes, I am up for a bit of tit-for-tat if desired. If you want me to critique something of yours, send it my way. I also need to practice giving critiques.

Thanks in advance to any interested parties.

Sounds like an interesting concept!

I’m game to take a look at it for you, if you don’t mind taking a look at something in return. Email me your draft at Beatleman2184@gmail.com

Fast response!

Thanks. I’ve sent you an e-mail.

I will also give it a look. Send it to JLSteeleauthor [a t] aol.com

Thank you as well. I’ve now also sent it your way.

Sent you back an email with my comments and some final thoughts. Thanks for the opportunity to read it, I liked it!

Thanks to you both. Your feedback has:

a.) Helped me realize that I’ve cut far too much out of this story for it to be comprehensible, and
b.) Given me ideas on what to do to fix that.

Which I think are the two most important things that I could have gotten from feedback on this particular story. I’ve got a long plane ride on Tuesday, so I’ll be using that time to address these issues.

writing during a plane ride… good luck :slight_smile: