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Request for short story category

Can it please be added to the short story category where the short story is published? So that we can go and look it up?

“The Only Harmless Great Thing” – Brooke Bolander
Publisher’s site: https://publishing.tor.com/theonlyharmlessgreatthing-brookebolander/9781250169471/
You can also read a free preview on Amazon or other eBook site if you want to get a feel for it.

“A Road of Dust and Honey” – Searska GreyRaven
Published in Dissident Signals: https://baddogbooks.com/product/dissident-signals/
The author has posted the story here: https://www.sofurry.com/view/1349735

“Roses” – Searska GreyRaven
Published in CLAW Volume 1: https://baddogbooks.com/product/claw-volume-1/
The author has posted the story here: https://www.sofurry.com/view/1349732

“Saguaros” – Watts Martin
Published in ROAR Volume 9: https://baddogbooks.com/product/roar-volume-9/
The author has posted the story here: https://coyotetracks.org/writing/saguaros/

“Zoo” – Ellen Denton
Published on Zooscape: https://zooscape-zine.com/zoo/

Thanks Fuzz. :slight_smile: