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Regarding the member directory - a note for new/potential members

Just a little public service reminder here for new FWG members: You don’t have to have a bio in the directory (right away or at all) to be a member – but before I can put you on that list as a member, I need to be certain what name you want to be listed under. This is a fandom where people commonly write under two or more pseudonyms, so even when it seems painfully obvious, I always ask what name you want just to be sure – I don’t want to accidentally out anybody or cause confusion by listing the wrong name. So until I get a reply from you with at least what name you want, I can’t add you to the list.

So, if you’ve sent me your publication credits, and I’ve replied to you telling you you’re in, and you’re not listed here (or as an associate member), it’s because I haven’t heard anything back from you. Let me know what name goes on the list, and I’ll get it there ASAP. :slight_smile:

See post above.

There are currently 6 people who have been approved as members – some months ago – but who never got back to me with what name they want to be listed under.

Again, if I’ve sent you an email approving your membership but you’re not listed on this page (or on the associates page), it’s because I never heard back from you. If you’re not in the directory, you’re also not on the FWG contact list, which means you’re not getting member emails and you’re not on the official list for participating in the Cóyotls.

I’m going to be contacting these 6 people either via the forums (for those who I know are active here) or by email in this coming week. If you’re one of these people and I don’t hear from you by the end of the year, I will assume you’re no longer interested in being a member and will remove your information from my files. If you’re registered on the forums as an FWG member, you’ll be moved back to Future Members status.

(The application process has been changed to prevent this problem in the future, by the way. I just never would have anticipated “what name do you want to be listed under?” as such a complicated question for people to answer.)

Emails are complicated to answer, apparently. That seems to be true in most facets of the world.

Three down, three to go…