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Regal Feedback

Hello everyone!

As someone who is new to this kind of market of literature, I was hoping to see if anyone would do me the honor of providing feedback to a visual novel a group of friends and I have been making? Regal Tails!

Regal Tails is a fantasy virtual Novel in the making. Seen through the view points of several characters, the story revolves around Naja, a warrior lioness. After the death of her first born son, she will mark a decisive blow in an endless war between a fractured continent.

Taken inspiration from sources like the Witcher Series and Game of Thrones, our team have only dream of working on an ambitious project as this! With time, we hope to make this tale cater to every fantasy lover’s viewing pleasure! :smiley:

(Please note: English isn’t the first language to some members of the team, so a few typos have slipped through into our current draft. We WILL revamp some portions of the story in later updates. However for now we would like some feedback on the direct we’re going with our story. :slight_smile: )

We currently have a free demo of our alpha build of the story. You do NOT need to pay anything to play the demo.

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile: