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[Recruiting] Planet Nakti - A community-built anthro universe :3

Hello everybody! I’m looking for other anthro artists, writers, animators and other kinds of creative people for what I like to call “a global community project”.

But what is this project? It’s a furry fantasy universe called “Planet Nakti”.

Planet Nakti has the ambition to become the first furry universe that is developed entirely by the community. It mustn’t be made only by one person, but with the contribution of everybody, with their ideas, skills and creativity, it could become a truly awesome project.

Nakti can be expanded with artworks, stories, animations, poems, games, roleplay and whatever you have in mind. You can create a Naktian character, a race, or a civilization with its traditions, customs, religions, history and many other things. There is total freedom in the development, only a few guidelines are required to be followed in order to not make the Naktian project into a carbon-copy of planet Earth or avoid copyright infringement (using characters from existing franchises and trademarked franchises is strictly forbidden! By the Gods be original!)

The most particular aspect of planet Nakti, is that it’s a young planet, so its civilizations have a very early grade of technological development. They basically live in the same way we Earthlings lived during the age of the Ancient Egyptians or the Sumerians, so their technology is quite limited, and they don’t have magic, because the characteristic of Nakti is that it’s imbued with realism in mind, making it something that can really exist in another solar system.

Myself, I’m working on one of the Naktian countries, the kingdom of Abun, located in the central-south Nakti.

So, I’m looking for other artists who can join me and my friends who are already working on it, in this creative adventure, with the hope to unite all the anthros of the world together and making something that can really be considered a truly global effort. We currently consist in a team made by 60 people working on the expansion of the planet.

As a long-term objective, we want to create a tabletop RPG set on Nakti, and then a real RPG videogame.

If you are interested to join the project, please feel free to drop me a note and send me your email, so I can add you to our official Slack chatroom. I look forward to answer all your questions. Our team is currently made by 60 people but we are open to anybody who want to expand Nakti! :3

Some info links:

Official forum thread: https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/1365668-Anybody-up-for-a-quot-global-quot-community-project-(A-long-time-dream-of-mine-)

Nakti Wiki: http://nakti.wikia.com/wiki/The_Naktian_Wikia

Official forum (under construction): http://nakti.net/forum/

The guidelines of our project: http://nakti.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&p=61#p61

If you read this to the end: Congrats! :3