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Recruiting for a Fuzzy Heroes Book Funnel Promo

Hi all,

So glad that the forums are online again! I’ve reached out to some furs I know on twitter but here’s a good place to announce this publicly.

I’m organizing book funnel newsletter builder promo for the month of December. The theme of this promo is Fuzzy Heroes, so far we have ten authors participating, including Abigail Hilton, Lawrence M. Schoen (writer of Barsk) and Frances Pauli.

This promo is for books with main characters that are on the furrier side. Whether it be fur, feather or even scales, Animal and animal like protagonists accepted. These should not be sidekicks, these non human characters need to have point of view chapters in your book.

All authors are expected share the promo in general and pick a few of the other characters in the promo to highlight on social media.

If you know what these are here’s the link: https://books.bookfunnel.com/yt6xxd3v00/v9kql6h98e


What the hell is BookFunnel?
Bookfunnel is an ebook delivery service. They specialize in getting ebooks from you to your readers devices without needing to go through that device’s store. Kindle, ipad, phone, PC. They get it there and handle the tech support so the author isn’t walking fans through the side loading process.

What is newsletter builder promo?
Email lists are one of the best way to communicate with readers but generally folks don’t give out their emails willy nilly. So authors tend to offer them a bribe for getting on their mailing lists. Generally the bribe is a reader magnet, usually a free story or book. In a newsletter builder promo a group of authors submit their reader magnets to a central page (in this case a bookfunnel promo page) and then all the authors announce the promo to their readership. Readers go to the page, select the books they are interested in and exchange their email for the stories. More general promo I have participated in have yielded from tens to hundreds of new people on my list.

Do I need a bookfunnel account, how much does it cost?
Yes and no. I have very limited amount of codes that will allow you to participate in the promo with a trial account. If you have an email list that you want to grow I highly recommend you check it out or one of their competitors.