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Recruit from Furry Migration finally onboard

Hello everyone!

It’s been two weeks since I was informed of this haven of Furry Writers and man, I am pleased as punch to be here! Big thanks to those at SofaWolf press, Kyell Gold, and Ursula for letting me talk their ear off with questions and pointing me in the right direction~

As for me, I’ve only recently been a part of the furry fandom but I’ve had a fascination with anthropomorphic animals since I was little. I am obsessed with werewolves, Ancient Egypt, and the Victorian/Regency eras with a little dash of 1920s. While not a published author yet, I found out that my human name received recognition as a finalist for a contest I submitted in where I live this year, so that’s a pretty nice confidence booster!

My writing tends to be focused on character development, and I write in a wide variety of genres, but most often I dabble in horror, historical and fantasy. With being introduced to the scope of furry writing at large (which I was rather ignorant on), I would love to give more contemporary stories a try, and I’ve got my eye on attaining a membership here! Deadlines are marked on my calendar and I really hope that my writing can make it into an anthology so I can become an official member of the guild!

I’ll be trying to stop by for Coffeehouse Chats when my work schedule permits, and be a little more active in the forums! Hope you all have a lovely day!

~ Gullwulf



Welcome! Like you, I was into anthro animals from an early age, but I only found out there was a fandom for that in my twenties. It took me even longer to work out that furry could assist with my lifelong dream of being a published author.

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums! I sometimes write stories based in the 1920s. My icon here is Chester, a salesweasel in that era.

Hello there!

Thanks for the welcome everyone <3

@Huskyteer – That is actually my thought process as well!! I’m really hoping I can make a name for myself here, while the options are fewer I think the market is also more accepting of newcomers. And I just reached this revelation at 23 myself. Crossing my fingers to make it as a member soon!!

@Skunkbomb – If you ever need a beta reader for those 1920s stories you should definitely let me know~ And I’d love to read a few of them too! (At least after these deadlines. Man they snuck up on me)

Aw, thank you! I’ll keep that in mind when I get another 1920s story going. I’m more than happy to repay by beta reading a story for you in return.