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Recommended works published in 2014

Another furry story worth mentioning that I don’t think has gotten the notice in the fandom that it deserves: “Pavlov’s House” by Malcolm Cross, which appeared in the online magazine Strange Horizons. His novella Dangerous Jade won the 2012 Ursa and he put out a couple great ebook story collections in 2013 I reviewed for Claw and Quill, and “Pavlov’s House” is a story in the same setting as all of those.


Are works published on FA/SF and in conbooks eligible? They’re the only places I can really publish at the moment. (Stupid bloody repressive immigrant visa…)

That’s an interesting question. The way I read [ur=http://coyotlawards.org/rules/l]the Cóyotl Award rules[/url], it looks like a story needs to appear in “an FWG-qualifying venue” rather than being self-published, which basically means that somebody else needs to accept/approve your work before it’s made public. If I’m reading that right, then a story in a con book would qualify, but a story published on Fur Affinity or SoFurry would not. (Although the rules explicitly say that a story could be on FA/SF or otherwise self-published and then be published somewhere else with an approval process, and the story would qualify whenever it appeared in the non-self-published venue.)

A work does not need to be published in an FWG-qualifying venue to be eligible for the Coyotls. Anything published for the first time in 2014 is eligible. So, works in con-books are eligible. Works posted to FA are eligible. And works that are otherwise self-published are eligible.

The tricky part comes with stories that were originally published in non-FWG-qualifying venues that then get re-published in FWG-qualifying venues. Basically, the rules are written in such a way that works like that get two shots are being nominated. If they were nominated the first time, they can’t be re-nominated. However, if they weren’t nominated, then they become eligible again when they’re republished in an FWG-qualifying venue for the first time.

This rule avoids situations like The Martian by Andy Weir being ineligible for the Nebula Awards this year, since it was technically first published in 2011. Essentially, it means that stories don’t get punished for having been posted to an archive site or self-published before being published in a curated market.

Here for convenience, my eligible 2014 works:


  • Red Devil, Sofawolf Press, January 2014
  • Uncovered, Sofawolf Press, July 2014

(by way of balance, it looks like I will not publish a novel this year, but these two series will both see a concluding volume in early 2016)


  • “Fundamental Natures,” in Heat #11
  • “The Mysterious Affair of Giles,” published by FurPlanet Press, February 2014
  • “Dude, Where’s My Fox?” published by FurPlanet Press, September 2014

Short Stories:

  • “Top Priority,” in Furtual Horizons (Rainfurrest Charity Anthology), September 2014
  • “Bottom Priority,” on FA, September 2014
  • “Cleaning Up” in Eurofurence conbook, August 2014
  • “Skinned” in Rainfurrest conbook, September 2014 (untitled in publication)
  • “First Migration” in Furry Migration conbook, September 2014

(I will likely post a few of those conbook stories to my FA account in the coming month so people who didn’t attend the con can see them.)

… wow, I wrote a lot last year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dogpatch Press has finally posted my review of “Bête” by Adam Roberts. Please read it before you nominate for the Cóyotl Awards.

I’m extremely late for this, but I feel I should mention my two eligible stories for this year if anybody is still mulling over things:)
“Suck”-Trick or Treat 2
“Jewels of Remorse”-Heat Issue 11

(Post now in proper thread:/)
Good luck everybody!

I thought I already mentioned this way back in my earlier post, but apparently I didn’t – in case anyone else is (like me) frantically trying to finish reading some things before nominations close on June 1, if there are any guild members who’d like to read any of my stuff that’s listed in that post but need to get their hands on it ASAP, just PM me here, and I can email you whatever you need in Word or PDF format.

I’ve been too darned busy - and, I admit, too burned and reclusive - to get anything up for this. I’m not going to ask anyone to read anything of mine, but there are some stories I’m very proud of on my FA page: “Program” and “Health” especially, although probably the former more than the other. There’s also the story I wrote for the Maltese FurCon conbook, “The Great Egg Race”, if anybody happened to read it; the other stories, “New Chestnuts” and “Vivat Draco” I don’t think were used.

Not that I’d stand a chance of winning, anyway. :slight_smile:

VERY late in the game, I know, but I put a couple of my stories from 2014 up on FA and SF if people are last-minute reading for the Cóyotls.

“Cleaning Up,” from the EF conbook: https://www.sofurry.com/view/866950
“Fundamental Natures,” from Heat #11 (with permission from Sofawolf): https://www.sofurry.com/view/867320