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Recommended works published in 2013

A thread for discussing any work published during the 2013 calendar year that you feel should be considered for the 2014 awards. (Remember, works don’t have to be by FWG members, and they can be published anywhere, including self-published.)

Authors, editors, publishers - feel free to mention your publications from 2013 so we know what’s eligible.

For reference, our length criteria:

Less than 10K = short story
10K - 50K = novella
More than 50K = novel

Anthologies can be of any length.

The Recommended Anthropomorphics List on the Ursa Major website is a good jumping off point for remembering what came out in 2013:


Note: given the difference in definition of short story/novella/novel between the Coyotls and the Ursa Majors, some of the works listed as short stories and novels on the above reading list will actually count as novellas in the Coyotl Awards.

Note 1: I have tried to included accurate word counts and categorize them according to the Cóyotl’s classifications.

Note 2: In case anyone is wondering, as a publisher I do not consider it appropriate for me to vote for, promote or support any one author or story over another. I am merely providing this list of titles my company published in 2013 as a reference to those of you who will be participating in the process. Naturally I hope our publications will be winners, but I am recommending them all equally. :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to answer any questions about these works if anything needs clarified.

FurPlanet’s 2013 publications, eligible for the 2014 Cóyotl Awards:

Best Novel (50,000 words or longer)

All Alone in the Night by M. Andrew Rudder (70,000)
Evolutionary Action by Phil Geusz (79,000)
The Goldenlea by Rose LaCroix (96,000)
Heretic by Rukis (144,000)
Otters in Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly by Mary E. Lowd (72,000)
Summerhill by Kevin Frane (87,000)

Best Novella (between 10,000 and 50,000 words long)

All Tied Up In Knotz by Andres Cyanni Halden (36,000)
Carpe Mortis: You Only Live Once by Graveyard Greg (29,000)
Exposure by Tagenar (37,000)
Indigo Rain by Watts Martin (27,000)
The Jackal Queen by Roy Lisman (45,000)

Best Short Story (up to 10,000 words long)

From What Happens Next, edited by Fred Patten:

Second by M. C. A. Hogarth
Festival of Vampires by Brock Hoagland
False Doctrine by Kevin Frane
Reflections of Things to Come by Kristin Fontaine
Immolation by Michael H. Payne
Pick-up at Hanging Drop by Jenner
Blackest Before the Dawn by Elizabeth McCoy
The Magi Decree by Chuck Melville
Game of Fox and Rabbit by Ken Pick
Sibling Rivalry by Kyell Gold
The Monkeytown Raid by Roz Gibson

From Dancing in the Moonlight, edited by Rainfurrest staff:

Dancing in the Moonlight by SeB
Fox in the Hen House by Mary E. Lowd
The Lodge by Aldot
There Has Been No Crime by Ryan Hickey
In a Cat’s Eyes by Mary E. Lowd
Tempus Imperfectus by Alex Phengsavath

Best Anthology (any length, including at least three different authors in a single volume)

Dancing in the Moonlight, edited by Rainfurrest staff
What Happens Next edited by Fred Patten

My novel, Axinstone - would be eligible for a Coyotl if anyone here has read it and would like to nominate it.
‘Old Red’ by Jen White, featuring in the 'Legendary anthology by Jaffa Books would also be eligible as a short story.

Correction: Old Red is a reprint, forgot about that.

And don’t forget the amazing Skyfire by Jess E. Owen!

Things I had published in 2013:

‘Mirror, Signal, Manouevre’ in Hot Dish (Sofawolf Press) [mature]
‘Flight Path’ in Heat 10 (Sofawolf Press) [mature]
‘The Witch Doctor’ in Trick or Treat (Rabbit Valley)

I had thought I had published more furry works in 2013, but apparently it’s all come out in 2014. :stuck_out_tongue:

So if anyone wants to nominate ‘Wild Night’ from Trick or Treat, it’d be appreciated. ;D

Yeah, FANG 5 came out in January and Taboo was released in March.

2013 was a slimmish year for me in terms of anthro publications, but I have a few things for consideration in the short story category:

[ul][li]Bittersweet (self-pubbed on FurAffinity and Weasyl, December 6)[/li]

[li]The Claw in Her Heart (Fictionvale Episode 1, November 15, available via Amazon or Smashwords)[/li]

[li]Hellhound (Trick or Treat, Rabbit Valley, October) [/li][/ul]

I’d be happy to email copies of “Claw” or “Hellhound” to any members who haven’t had a chance to read them; just contact me at reneecarterhall (at) gmail.com.

I had two stories appear in 2013.

“The Moment at Eternity” in Hot Dish 1 by Sofawolf Press [mature]
“The Delicate Game” in Heat 10 by Sofawolf Press [mature]

Quick note: all of the stories from Hot Dish count as novellas in the Cóyotl Awards.

To save the others some time, I’m trying to catalogue all the Sofawolf products and stories eligible, along the same lines that Fuzzwolf has done. (I’m fairly sure these are all accurate, but I may need to check the wordcounts on one or two.)

Eligible for Best Novel

Divisions by Kyell Gold
God of Clay by Ryan Campbell

Eligible for Best Novella (all from Hot Dish 1)

“Seducing the Sky” by Kandrel
“Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre” by Huskyteer
“The Evening’s Festivities” by Faora Meridian
“The Moment at Eternity” by Dark End
“A Monster and a Gentleman” by Lady Chastity Chatterley
“Dream a Little Dream of Me” by Kandrel
“A Secret Place” by Dwale
“Dance With Me” by Tack Otter
“What Would You Do If I’m Not What I’m Supposed To Be?” by Arcane Reno

Eligible for Best Short Story (All from Heat 10)

“Flight Path” by Huskyteer
“Repaid in Silver” by Kandrel
“The Delicate Game” by Dark End
“Best of the Best” by Franklin Leo
“Pushing” by TrianglePascal

Eligible for Best Anthology

Hot Dish 1
Heat 10

You might also want to consider Legion Publishing’s furry output this year-- it includes at least one furry novel, and there are usually more.


For myself,

Short Stories for 2013

Unreality (Trick or Treat, RV, October)
Fanservice (Furaffinity and SoFurry, November)
Phoning It In (FurAffinity and SoFurry, July)

Where is their catalog of books? I’m having trouble finding it on the site, besides just links to individual authors. Or, if you know what they published during 2013, maybe a list? Looking at the individual pages for books, it doesn’t seem to have a year of release listed – again, unless I’m just missing it somewhere.

Their site is rather out of date in general, I fear…

Exile’s Return, by Rebecca Mickley, is definitely this year. I have no idea regarding “Lab Rat”, by B.A. Maddux.

“Lab Rat” by B. A. Maddux was published in December 2012.

I can understand FWG members listing their own works, but there were many good works by non-members that should be considered, too. Here are some 2013 novels.

Prelude to War, by M. R. Anglin. CreateSpace, October.
Chained Reflections, by T. R. Brown. CreateSpace, August.
Songs in the Year of the Cat, by H. Leighton Dickson. CreateSpace, July.
Sunset of Lantonne, by Jim Galford. CreateSpace, August. (Sunset of Lantonne is #3 in Galford’s The Fall of Eldvar series; #4, The Northern Approach, will debut at Rocky Mountain FurCon on August 8-10.)
Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!, by C. Casey Gardiner. Blue Rabbit Fictions, July.
Earthrise, by M. C. A. Hogarth. Studio MCAH, April. (Her Instruments #1)
Mindtouch, by M. C. A. Hogarth. Studio MCAH, June (The Dreamhealers #1)
Rose Point, by M. C. A. Hogarth. Studio MCAH, October. (Her Instruments #2)
Kavishar; Reflections in a Wolf’s Eyes, by L. Kyle. Bright Prospects, August.
Fuzzy Business, by Amanda Ritner. CreateSpace, May.
Fuzzy Business 2: Fuzz Harder, by Amanda Ritner. CreateSpace, December.

Here are my published reviews of 2013 furry books – 29 of them. Some of these are combined reviews of a 2013 sequel and a 2012 earlier book; you can ignore the earlier one. These may help you nominate 2013 novels and novellas. (I have more reviews of 2013 furry books, but Flayrah may not publish them before the Cóyotl nominations deadline):

Since this is perhaps the most complete list of furry books of 2013 available, Fred, I’d suggest that you add the titles where the reviews haven’t been published yet as well if you’re able. Then the list can serve as a “master” that the rest can be added to.

One of my “unpublished” reviews of a 2013 furry novel has just been published on Flayrah; “Prelude to War”, by M. R. Anglin. My review is actually of all three of Anglin’s “Silver Foxes” novels, but the first two were published before 2013.

Reviews of 2013 books that I do not expect to be published before the Cóyotl Awards nomination deadline are:

“Evolutionary Action”, by Phil Geusz (novel)
“The Mysterious Affair of Giles”, by Kyell Gold (novella)
“Fuzzy Business” and “Fuzzy Business 2: Fuzz Harder”, by Amanda Ritner (novels)