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Recommendations of Works Published in 2019

This is a thread where people are encouraged to post recommendations of furry works published in 2019. Including links and word counts is helpful whenever possible. Also, it’s fine to post your own works.

These are the categories for the Cóyotl Awards:

  • Short Story – less than 20,000 words
  • Novella – between 20,000 and 50,000 words
  • Novel – more than 50,000 words
  • Anthology

Short stories that came out in 2019:
“Survivors of the Holocene” from The Jackal Who Came in from the Cold
“The Widehorn Herd” from ROAR 10
“Otter Chaos” from Species Otters
“Bucking the Trend” from The Furry Cookbook

The Daily Grind that I co-edited with Amy Clare Fontaine

It was a light year for me. I might have one more short story and a novel to add, but it depends on if those make it out by the end of the year or not.

I published a novel this year. “Fair Trade” is the third book of my Kanti Cycle trilogy:

I published a collection of stories this year!

It includes the following eligible short stories:

  • Disappearance
  • Fisher
  • You’re Gone
  • Overclassification
  • Acts of Intent
  • Every Angel is Terrifying
  • What Defines Us
  • A Theory of Attachment

I have two short stories releasing at MFF.

“A Cultural Exchange” in Foxers and Beariefs (Armoured Fox Press - edited by Thurston Howl)

“The Mountain’s Heart” in FANG 10 (Furplanet - edited by Sparf and Kyell)

Only one short story this year.

Timeless, in FANG 9 from Furplanet.

Hope you’ll give it a read an consider it. Ashe pushed me to make it a really good story

For reference: FurPlanet’s 2019 anthologies with word counts

The Rabbit Dies First

  • Untitled Haiku by Mog K. Moogle
  • Under My Skin by Tym Greene 3590
  • The Trial of Wandering Star by David Green 10419
  • End of (On)Line by Franklin Leo 4747
  • Out the Other Side by Jellybean 9864
  • Black Out in Space by Mary E. Lowd 2140
  • The Detective, the Wife, the Husband, and His Lovers by Maya Levine 9451
  • Swallowed by the Sea by Ocean Tigrox 6587
  • The Unlucky by Sera Kane 14308
  • An Orange by Any Other Name by Watts Martin 4715
  • The Road to Macluske by Nathan Ravenwood 7281
  • The Snack Rabbit by Lloyd Yaeger 9640
  • Two Blocks Apart and the Universe In Between by Taylor Harbin 6423
  • The Carrot is Mightier than the Sword by Nidhi Singh 3358
  • Death on the Tile by Kyell Gold 11539

ROAR Volume 10

  • Bourbon Jack by Linnea Capps 7000
  • Squonk and the Horde of Apprentices by Pete Butler-Davis 6000
  • The Widehorn Herd by Madison Keller 5000
  • Outsiders by Kyell Gold 10000
  • No Choice About It by MikasiWolf 2000
  • The Hero of Brambleward by Frances Pauli 11000
  • Once We Were Meerkats by Huskyteer 3000
  • Year Forty-Four by Lloyd Yaeger 8000
  • Folding in the Wolf by Bill Kieffer 8000
  • Thoughts and Prayers by Thurston Howl 3000
  • Schism by Anhedral 8000
  • A Scrappy Start by Cathy Smith 5000
  • The 180-Pound Gorilla by Tim Susman 2000
  • The Corvid King by Amy Clare Fontaine 10000
  • The Human-English Lexicon: Notes from an Anthro-Xeno-Biologist by A. Humphrey Lanham 1000
  • Curiosity Kills by Blake Hutchins 23000

FANG Volume 9

  • Summer Camp Showdown, Tuesdays at 8e/7c by Skunkbomb 10000
  • Silk and Amber by Quincy Connally 8000
  • I went back fifty years and killed the evil tyrant Aldon Howletz and all of you are welcome… by SlipWolf 8000
  • Swipe Right, Now What by MythicFox 9000
  • Crosscurrents by Jaden Drackus 11000
  • Painting the Prince by Reverie 6000
  • Silk and Sword by NightEyes DaySpring 6000
  • Fly True by Significant Otter 12000
  • Firsts by TJ Minde 9000
  • High Sticking by Ferric the Bird 11000
  • Waiting by Tredain 8000
  • A Farewell to Swords by Starvix Draxon 8000
  • Quipis by Bill Kieffer 8000
  • Timeless by Mog Moogle 16000

FANG Volume 10

  • Perfection by James Hudson 5000
  • 25 Miles East of Fate by Buck C. Turner 11000
  • Ambrose’s Duty by Skunkbomb 9000
  • Waters by Slip-Wolf 3000
  • Ghosts of Cinnamon and Lavender by Thurston Howl 5000
  • Thresholds by G. M. Rader 10000
  • Think of England by Sasha P. G. 8000
  • Night’s Dawn by Jaden Drackus 10000
  • Your Edge by TJ Minde 7000
  • Electrochemistry by Faora Meridian 12000
  • The Honest Thing by Ethan Burrow 10000
  • Unknown Stains by NightEyes DaySpring 7000
  • The Mountain’s Heart by Miriam “Camio” Curzon 6000
  • A Friend in Winter by MikasiWolf 10000

The Cóyotl Awards Anthology (reprint anthology)

  • The Canoe Race by Daniel and Mary E. Lowd 3471
  • Best of Breed by Renee Carter Hall 9504
  • Dragonman and Lonesome Woman by Vixyy Fox 15442
  • Chasing the Spotlight by Tim Susman 7317
  • Fox in the Hen House by Mary E. Lowd 2217
  • Rearview by Sean Silva 5496
  • Son of the Blood Moon by Bill “Hafoc” Rogers 4172
  • Jackalope Wives by Ursula Vernon 4926
  • Pavlov’s House by Malcolm Cross 5790
  • The Analogue Cat by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden 2057
  • Muskrat Blues by Ianus Wolf 10872
  • 400 Rabbits by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden 5046
  • The Torch by Chris “Sparf ” Williams 9808
  • Behesht by Dwale 6408
  • The Moon Fox by Amy Fontaine 2821
  • The Ouroboros Plate by Slip Wolf 7189

Here’s what has come from Goal Publications this year that’s not a reprint:


  • The Daily Grind edited by Amy Clare Fontaine and Madison Keller - 35k words
    — “Ecto-Cafe” by Mary E. Lowd (not eligible for Coyotls by author choice, but available for other awards) - 4.3k words
    — “Always Tomorrow” by Frances Pauli - 4.1k words
    — “Coffee Run” by Rose Strickman - 4.4k words
    — “Grounds for Questioning” by Lisa Timpf - 3.1k words
    — “Sir Alymer Versus the Dragon” by Ferric the Bird - 6.5k words
    — “Properly Pounced Coffee” by Amy Clare Fontaine - 2.3k words
    — “Mocha Unchained” by Ivan Horse - 5.2k words
    — “Dragon Roasted Coffee Beans” by Jay “Shirou” Coughlan - 5.1k words

  • Thrill of the Hunt edited by Rechan and KC Alpinus - 59k words
    — “What Fills the Eagle’s Eye” by Slip Wolf - 8.7k words
    — “Travel Companion” by Field T. Mouse - 5.8k words
    — “Cat and Mouse” by Dajan Tafari - 15.6k words
    — “They Demand Tribute” by KC Alpinus - 8.7k words
    — “Silhouettes” by Cedric G! Bacon - 11.2k words
    — “The Brand Thief” by Dookfiend - 8.6k words


Akela by Ben Goodridge - 100k words

Symphony of Shifting Tides by Leilani Wilson - 197k words

Trustless Shadows (Demons: Book 2) by Sylvain St-Pierre - 65k words

The Used Child (Tristan: Book 3) by Sylvain St-Pierre - 141k words

Shattered Salvation (Tristan: Book 4) by Sylvain St-Pierre - 133k words

Fractured Families (Tristan: Book 5) by Sylvain St-Pierre - 128k words

That should be everything! Anyone that’s looking for a digital review copy, feel free to get a hold of me through either Telegram or the query section of www.goalpublications.com and I will consider it.

I published a novel this year. “The Vekaiyun” is a story that occurs roughly in the same timeframe as another book of mine, “The Listonian”, but they can certainly be read in any particular order. Kind of new at this, hoping to get a read!

My books published in 2019:
-“God In a Bottle: Stories Of Exploration” (anthology) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RW7SJS7/
-“Queen of Nowhere: A LitRPG Adventure” (novel) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07X5MTV2G
-“Striking Chains” (novel) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NBTSY44
-“The Great Sage” (novella) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QMHQBBL/
-“Tower of Sol: A GameLit Novella” (novella) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RC2H492

Two other books that might interest you from 2019 are:
-“The Night Shift Laundry” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SKTHX6B
-“A Small Hoard: Tales of Transformation” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PJW3BQP

My (furry) stuff published in 2019:

Novella: Love Me To Death (28,000 words)

Collection: Bearly Fiction Volume Two (3 new stories and 7 reprints)

Short stories:
Big Bird (The Jackal Who Came In From The Cold)
Always Tomorrow (The Daily Grind)
Otter Dance (Species: Otter)
The Hero of Brambleward (Roar 10-Community)
Last Call On The Island (HG Wells tribute anthology vol. 2)
With Eyes Half Open (Metaphorosis Magazine April Issue)
The Diner’s Club (The Furry Cookbook)

Two Serpentia short stories (self published)
Before the All-dark
Feast or Fast

Hey, so I have one novel published this year that would be eligible for consideration in the novel category.
My sci-fi novel, Traitor. https://www.jfrcoates.com/traitor

I finally published the final novel in my series The Student this year if your interested.

Most of the short stories published in Zooscape last year are eligible for awards. A few were reprints and are not eligible. Here’s a list of the eligible works:

  • “Cat of Thunder” by John Taloni (3,700 words)

  • “Bibelots and Baubles” by Shauna Roberts (700 words)

  • “New Hire at the Final Library” by Laurence Raphael Brothers (900 words)

  • “The Move by Kristi Brooks” (1000 words)

  • “¡Viva Piñata!” by L.D. Nguyen (300 words)

  • “Clyde and the Pickle Jar” by Steve Carr (1,400 words)

  • “A Warm, Dark Place in the Earth” by Mackenzie Kincaid (4,100 words)

  • “Sealskin” by L Chan (700 words)

  • “Good, Better, Best” by Rachel Rodman (3,400 words)

  • “Dragons Are Made” by Searska GreyRaven (2,600 words)

  • “Spider, Dreaming” by Michelle Muenzler (300 words)

  • “The Carnivore Queen” by Alexandra Faye Carcich (1,700 words))

  • “The Cosmic Woes of Finnigan Turtle” by Hannah Montine (5,000 words)

  • “The Farmer and the Potter” by Amy Hammack Turner (2,000 words)

  • “Saga of the Knapaleith” by Allison Thai (16,400 words)

  • “Leafless Crossing” by Voss Foster (5,600 words)

  • “The Stone Mask and the Frogs” by Mark Mills (1,100 words)

  • “‘Twas Brillig” by Michael H. Payne (4,800 words)

  • “Go On, Lick Me” by Luna Corbden (800 words)

  • “Nine Ways to Then” by Diana A. Hart (2,800 words)

If you’d like the same list but with links to the stories, go here: https://zooscape-zine.com/eligibility-2019/

I’m not sure if Reclamation Project: Year 1 qualifies since it was published close to the end of 2019 but I have a story in there called The Underground Star which is approx. 7, 800 words long!

I too would like to nominate the reclamation project: year 1 https://furplanet.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=1081

i don’t know the word count, but the editor is the gneech and there are numerous authors as seen above including guild members.

I had a lot of furry fiction come out in 2019, and you can find a complete rundown of it here: http://deepskyanchor.com/fiction-in-2019/

Highlights include…

Novel: Nexus Nine

Novella: “This Dog for Hire” (in Jove Deadly’s Lunar Detective Agency)

Anthology: Tri-Galactic Trek, ROAR 10, Jove Deadly’s Lunar Detective Agency

Short stories: too many to list… check out the link above, and it’ll take you to a page with links to where you can read many of them for free online

I’ve only got one story up for nomination this year.

“Those Twice Burned” in Heat 16, edited by Sofawolf. https://sofawolf.com/products/heat-16?sku=H-16

Another one that sneaked in late: Sofawolf’s Patterns in Frost: Stories from New Tibet came out in December.

Howdy. I have two stories eligible this year, one “Thresholds” mentioned above already in Fang 10, and “Learning How To Fly” in Heat 16.

Other stories in Heat 16 are:

“Mile High” by NightEyes DaySpring
“The Witch of Watcom County” by Orrery and Ko
“American Heat” by Slip-Wolf
“Card Subject To Change” by Nathan Ravenwood
“Those Twice Burned” by Gullwulf
“To Find You” by Kandrel