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Recommendations of Works Published in 2018

It’s early still, but that gives people more time to read. So, this is a thread where people can post recommendations of furry works published in 2018. Including links and word counts is helpful whenever possible.

These are the categories for the Cóyotl Awards:

[ul][li]Short Story – less than 20,000 words[/li]
[li]Novella – between 20,000 and 50,000 words[/li]
[li]Novel – more than 50,000 words[/li]

Also, it’s fine to list your own works.

Dangerous Thoughts: 110,000 words – https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dangerous-thoughts-james-l-steele/1128789688 | https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732282404

Gloves (in Dissident Signals): 4,300 words – https://furplanet.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=999

of my stuff that is eligible:
Novel -

Silence of the Dragon (book 4 of the Dragonsbane Saga) (57,000 words)

Short stories -

“Suddenly, Chihuahua” in What the Fox
“Waterlogged” in Tales from the Guild: World Tour
“The Church Mouse” in CLAW (Erotica)
“Milk and Brass” in Purrfect Tails (Erotica)
“House of Hares” in Slashers
“Blind Date Blues” in Well, It’s Your Cow
“So That They May Rule” in Enter the Rebirth

Updated the post to reflect that for the Coyotls, Silence of the Dragon falls in the novel category.

I have 5 works eligible this year, all in the Short Story categories.

“Pole Position” in Heat 15 (Erotica)

“The Night Betrayed” in The Infurno

“Face Value” in Species: Foxes

“The Preshow” in Breeds: Wolves (Erotica)


“Self Insertion” in What the Fox?! (Really bad Erotica)

A sixth is pending, and if it does make it out this year, I will update this post.

This year’s publications…

novella: Queen of Arts

Short Stories:

Mr. Toad’s Funeral (Wind in the Willows tribute antho from Zoetic pres)
Matilda (Well, It’s Your Cow)
Witch Cat (A Cat’s POV antho)
Woolwertz Department Store Integrated Branch Employee Manual: Human - Furred Relations (What the Fox?)
Missing Person (North American Fur issues #38 and #39)
Charlie at the End (Zooscape )

My short story publications this year:

“Broadstripe, Virginia Smells Like Skunk” from What the Fox?!
“The Tutor Learns” from CLAW Volume 1

And I have a third story forthcoming that should hopefully be out before the end of the year. I would be honored to have your votes for the Coyotls this year.

Here are the eligible short stories from Zooscape this year:

[ul][li]“Dragon Toast” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman[/li]

[li]“Charlie At The End” by Frances Pauli[/li]

[li]“Zoo” by Ellen Denton[/li]

[li]“The Far Side of the Ocean” by Lena Ng[/li]

[li]“Sentient Tears” by A Humphrey Lanham[/li][/ul]

FurPlanet’s 2018 publications, eligible for the 2018 Cóyotl Awards and Ursa Major Awards:

NOTE: This list is categorized using Cóyotl Awards word counts, Ursa Major Award categories based on word count are slightly different from the Cóyotl Awards and are as follows: Novel (40,000 words +), Short Fiction (less than 40,000)

Best Novel (50,000 words or longer)

Contraindications by Pen Darke
Love Match: Book 2 (2010-2012) by Kyell Gold*
The Demon and the Fox (Calatians Book 2) by Tim Susman

Best Novella (between 20,000 and 50,000 words long)

From Windfall: An Otter-Body Experience and other stories by Tempe O’Kun
An Otter-Body Experience by Tempe O’Kun (31,200)

Best Short Story (up to 20,000 words long)

From CLAW Volume 1 edited by K.C. Alpinus
Contextual Intercourse by Erin Quinn (6,100)
The Beating of Wild Hooves by Dwale (12,500)
The Church Mouse by Madison Keller (6,200)
Tempered by Crimson Ruari (8,900)
A Simple Wager by Holly A. Morrison (3,800)
Support by Kristina “Orrery” Tracer (6,500)
She Who Wears The Mask by Tenza (6,900)
Trophy Hunting Blueseiryuu (5,300)
The True Villain by Dark End (6,300)
Smokey and the Jaybird by Slip Wolf (9,400)
Frontier Living by Jeeves Bunny (5,200)
Roses by Searska Greyraven (10,700)
The Tutor Learns by Skunkbomb (8,300)

From Dissident Signals edited by NightEyes DaySpring and Slip Wolf
A signal comes… by Slip Wolf
0.02% by Faora Meridian (11,200)
Chasing the Feeling by Mog Moogle (5,900)
Losing Yourself by George Squares (6,100)
The Melting Pot Has Frozen Over by T.D. Coltraine (10,300)
A Road of Dust and Honey by Searska GreyRaven (8,000)
Protecting the Code by TJ Minde (11,100)
Gilded Cage by Jelliqal Belle (10,400)
The Tower by Gullwulf (6,000)
The Preacherman by Stephen M. Coghlan (4,900)
Forbidden Fruit by Detroit (10,600)
Photographs by Televassi (9,400)
Gloves by James L. Steele (4,300)
The Reclaimers by Joseph Vandehey (4,000)
Coffee Grounds by Thurston Howl (4,000)
Not All Dogs by Mary E. Lowd** (4,300)
A Better America 501©(3) by NightEyes DaySpring (7,500)
Coda by Slip Wolf

From Exploring New Places edited by Fred Patten
To Drive the Cold Winter Away by Michael H. Payne (8,400)
In Search of the Creators by Alan Loewen (4,900)
The Rocky Spires of Planet 227 by Mary E. Lowd** (4,600)
Defiant by Harwich Wolcott (12,100)
Why Indeed by Pepper Hume (6,700)
Come to Todor! by Fred Patten (4,300)
You Are Our Lifeboat by Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen (6,800)
The Animal Game by Vixyy Fox (7,500)
Ashland’s Fury by MikasiWolf (14,400)
Legacy by M. R. Anglin (10,600)
Umbra’s Legion: Shamblers of Woe by Adam Baker (8,300)
Umbra’s Legion: Where Pride Planted by Geoff Galt (8,200)
Beyond Acacia Ridge by Amy Fontaine (6,600)
One Day in Hanoi by Thomas “Faux” Steele (4,000)
Welcome, Furries by Cathy Smith (4,400)
Back Then by Frank LeRenard (5,500)
Tortoise Who by Mary E. Lowd** (4,100)
I Am the Jaguar by Cairyn (17,300)
The Promise of New Heffe by Kary M. Jomb (6,000)

From Feral! edited by Rechan
Snowbound by Of The Wilds (16,000)
Supernatural Delight by Whyte Yoté (8,900)
Nothing Feathered, Nothing Gained by Resolute (12,000)
Adrenaline High by Kandrel (6,000)

From In Flux edited by Rechan
Aesop’s Universe: Savages in Space by Bill Kieffer (15,000)
Wild Dog by Franklin Leo (6,300)
Good Boy by Friday Donnelly (2,600)
Never Lick a PVC Vixen by Tarl “Voice” Hoch (16,700)

From ROAR Volume 9 edited by Mary E. Lowd
Saguaros by Watts Martin (2,900)
Ghosts by Searska GreyRaven (10,800)
Froggy Stews by A. Humphrey Lanham (2,700)
Post-Isolation by Ellis Aen (12,000)
Resistance by David M Sula (8,000)
The Hard Way by Val E Ford (2,200)
Coyote Magic by Ryan Campbell (7,100)
The Last Roundup by Amy Fontaine (4,000)
Safe Mode by John Giezentanner (5,000)
Laotian Rhapsody by Al Song (6,200)
Qibla by Bill Kieffer (18,500)
Dear Sis by Matt Doyle (2,800)
Every Last Paw by Blake Hutchins (1,800)
Mixed Blessings by Kittara Foxworthy (17,100)
No Dogs by KC Alpinus (8,300)

From Tales from the Guild - World Tour edited by Ocean Tigrox, co-edited by Madison Keller, George Squares, and MikasiWolf
She Who Eats by Frances Pauli (10,230)
The White World by Dark End (6,100)
Waterlogged by Madison Keller (10,200)
Frost Bridge by Amethystos (9,500)
Tempus Imperfectum by Al Song (9,600)
Forgiveness Hex by George Squares (4,600)
Vanillupus and Other People’s Wits Take on the Inhospitable World by Slip Wolf (6,700)
The Gaucho by CorgiW (7,300)

From Windfall: An Otter-Body Experience and other stories by Tempe O’Kun
Wrapping Up by Tempe O’Kun (4,300)
Groundwork by Tempe O’Kun (5,000)
Something Big by Tempe O’Kun (12,000)
Hard Sleeper by Tempe O’Kun (3,300)
Forget-Me-Nots and Told-You-Sos by Tempe O’Kun (1,800)
Tied at the Dock by Tempe O’Kun (5,500)
Pack Lunch by Tempe O’Kun (3,900)
In the Dark by Tempe O’Kun (6,400)
Home for the Holidays by Tempe O’Kun (8,100)
Movie Night by Tempe O’Kun (6,200)

Best Anthology (any length)

CLAW Volume 1 edited by K.C. Alpinus
Dissident Signals edited by NightEyes DaySpring and Slip Wolf
Exploring New Places edited by Fred Patten
Feral! edited by Rechan
In Flux edited by Rechan
ROAR Volume 9 edited by Mary E. Lowd
Tales from the Guild - World Tour edited by Ocean Tigrox, co-edited by Madison Keller, George Squares, and MikasiWolf
Windfall: An Otter-Body Experience and other stories by Tempe O’Kun

  • withdrawn from Ursa Major Awards by the author
    ** withdrawn from Cóyotl Awards by the author

We have two items from our imprints eligible for the Coyotl/Ursa Major/Leo Awards this year and both in the Novel category:

From Goal Publications: Heirloom of the Rusks (https://www.goalpublications.com/store/p15/heirloom-of-the-rusks-print.html)
From Fanged Fiction: Whandirlust (https://www.goalpublications.com/store/p18/whandirlust-print.html)

Both are available in print and ebook formats.

As it was released on December 31st, Furry Trash and all short stories within will be eligible for the short story awards.

From Jaffa Books this year:
Once a Dog - Shaune Lafferty Webb
Cold Blood: Fatal Fables (this is a single author collection, so correct me if I’m wrong and this isn’t eligible for this particular award.
Short Story
Shepard - Bill Kieffer, Cold Blood
Brooklyn Blackie and the Dudeless Ranch - Bill Kieffer, Cold Blood
Brooklyn Blackie and the Reverse Badger Game - Bill Kieffer, Cold Blood

Brooklyn Blackie and the Rainbow in the Dark - Bill Kieffer, Cold Blood

I have only one story eligible this year.

Short Story:

Nightmare at Elmwood College (THP’s Slashers) (Published under the name Winter Darkraven)

I just finished reading “The Only Harmless Great Thing” by Brooke Bolander, and it’s very powerful. Also, apparently, even though it was published as a book on its own, it’s short enough that it falls in the short story category for the Coyotls.

In addition to “The Beating Of Wild Hooves” from CLAW, I have a short story out called “The River in the Mist” which is in “Furry Trash.” It’s about 10k words. I feel like these two are among my best stories thus far.

I have a total of three short stories that are eligible. This is also the first year I have had anything published and these are what’s allowed me to become a member of the guild.

A Part of the Family - Species: Foxes - Thurston Howl Publications
Mixed Blessings - ROAR 9 - Bad Dog Books
Gambit - Furry Trash - Jaffa Books

Such an exciting year!