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Read, skim, or pass

Thought I would model this after a popular forum game for streamlined feedback and hopefully get some group participation. I came up with an idea for a story so I will leave the title and a short description Hopefully someone will state weather they would read that, skim through it, or pass on it and then leave a title and bio of a story of their own.

The Melted Man

A junkie becomes the only supplier of clean water after a nuclear fallout. Unfortunately handling the collected radiated water from the rain is leaving him progressively disfigured.

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My experience has been that whether I read a story or not depends less on the premise than it does on the writer’s ability to draw me in. That said, I do think that’s an interesting (if macabre) premise.

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Heck yeah I’d read that. I mean already I need to know how and why he’s the only supplier of clean water. Poor guy, even if he is a junkie