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Hi again, everyone.

I thought I might start browsing around here again, after a long absence. Why the long absence? I will give a simple answer and blame it mostly on two things:

1.) School
2.) A desire for private study and self-improvement when it comes to writing

I’ve finished 1 and am still working on 2, but you know what they say about absence and the heart, so here I am.

This is all assuming the reader knows me or remembers me. If that’s not the case, hello. I go by Frank and I am a grumpy reactionary contrarian from the FWG’s days of yore. Back in the day I used to try writing helpful guides for people, but now I’ve mostly lost that kind of confidence and so just write the occasional [sometimes hurtful, apparently] review on Amazon or complain about stuff via Journal posts on Weasyl to the three people still moderately active there. I joined the Guild… I don’t remember. When was the Guild first created? Around that time, by having a handful of short stories (3 to date) published, two in venues that I’m not confident even continue to exist. I’d since gone on a publishing (or submitting) hiatus (unless scientific journals count; for me they don’t), but am slowly working my way toward getting back into that game. In the meantime, I like everyone else have been working on a novel. Blah blah blah personal details… I currently live in Finland, on a two-year postdoc contract (astronomy, specifically galaxies), and enjoy writing in the fantasy genre.

Hyvää huomenta/päivää/iltaa/yötä as the case may be.

Welcome back!

Oh, I remember you.

Thanks. I assume things have changed a fair amount. But it’s nice to see some small amount of activity, at least. The critique forum looks nice and active, which is good. I think I’ll use it.

Are those memories good or bad?

Bad, to be honest.

Welcome back!

Ha ha, well then. Sounds like I should make more of an effort to get you some good ones.

Thank you.

Welcome back!