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RAWR - Fundraising Write-a-Thon

Hello everybody!

The furry fandom’s first residential workshop, RAWR (Regional Anthropomorphic Writers Retreat), debuted successfully last January, with five attendees working together, writing their stories and critiquing each other’s work. Our instructors were Kyell Gold and Ryan Campbell, with guest lectures from Watts Martin and Jeff Eddy (of Sofawolf Press).

We’re into the guts of planning for the 2017 retreat, and we need your help to take RAWR to the next level.

How can you help?

We will be hosting a Write-a-Thon as a fundraiser, following the Clarion model, and we need writers!

How does that work?

-You sign up to donate your time and skill to the Write-a-Thon.

-You put the word out to your fans and followers that you’re participating in a fundraising Write-a-Thon.

-Supporters agree to donate via a digital donation button which we will provide.

-You write! That writing can be anything: Blog post, screenplay, novel, short story, nonfiction article. It doesn’t matter what you write, really. A write-a-thon is different from a walk-a-thon in that there aren’t necessarily pledges for certain numbers, either of posts, words, or completed stories.

What’s the goal?

If we can raise 4000 dollars, that will cover securing the venue for our 2017 workshop and arrange for our instructors and guest lecturers. Our stretch goal, if we raise enough, is to be able to offer some financial assistance to an accepted applicant who cannot afford the workshop otherwise.

If you’d be willing to donate your time and skill to our Write-a-Thon, please either reply below or get in touch with me directly. I’m @sparf on Twitter, or you can email sparf@rawr.community

This sounds interesting, but I never really got around to rebuilding my website… and would all work need to be posted? Is that the type of button I could place in a SoFurry page?

I’m trying to follow the Clarion model with this, so no, you wouldn’t be required to post the words anywhere if you didn’t want.

The SoFurry question is actually interesting. it’s a little graphic and HTML snippet, which seems like it would work, but I’m actually not sure. I’ll look into that ASAP!


It looks as though you can’t embed the donation button itself into your SoFurry profile, based on my limited testing. HOWEVER, you can use the donate link itself and it will function just the same, so as long as you make the donation link obvious it shouldn’t be a problem.

We’re looking into seeing if we can coincide with Camp NaNoWriMo, for the benefit of everybody concerned. Writers will already have an incentive to write in addition to writing to help raise money for RAWR. Given that we have a few weeks before Camp begins I think we can make the timing work!