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Rainfurrest 2015

September 24 - 27, 2015. Theme: Swords and Sorcery.


I’ll be there. So will the 4th Annual Coyotl Awards.

I have every intention on flying out to the US for this.

Yannarra and I will be at RF2015…

As part of our honeymoon!!! ;D

Eeeeeeee!! ;D

I’ve won my membership again so I’ll definitely be there!

But will you be sneaky again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly don’t know if I will be there. RF was great, but it’s not an easy trek. Also, I can’t help but want to give some writing love to other cons like MFF or TFF. It will likely come down to whether I am releasing anything at RF, and if I have a job.

I’ll be there! This year was too fun not to go again! ;D How I’ll get there I have no idea, of course. If I’m in Calgary I might just drive down provided I can find others to do that with.

RainFurrest is my absolute fave con, but I can’t afford to make it every year since I live in TN. That said…

One of my major life ambitions has been to drive across the USA on nothing but two-lane blacktops, and I plan to combine this with attending RF in 2015 by driving there next year and then if all goes well hanging a left and going down the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to San Diego. I’m looking forward to this most immensely.

Is anyone from the Writing Track reading this? If so, well… I’ve given about 20 or so RF panels in the past and would love to give more…

I’m probably hovering around a 15% chance of going, due to financial constraints. Would definitely fly if I went out again.

I should be attending. I had already paid for a patron level, and I guess I get the credit equivalent of an attending badge for second place in the competition this year. I was already planning on getting sponsor level again, but I only had $80 in my wallet when I was leaving the con.

I totally want to do a panel on writing medieval settings! ;D

You’ll have to find two other writers to be on it with you, or ask to be part of the writing historical fiction panel.

I should be there again and will probably poke Hunter about being on the Getting Published panel again or maybe doing a Publisher Q&A panel.

FYI, I may not be running writing track next year Fuzz.

Still on the fence about taking the ‘promotion’.

Amenthor and I managed to earn basic attendance for next year, and we plan on continuing to be worth our weight in salt, if nothing else XD Also going to be applying for writing panels, and make certain my schedule is wide open for wherever they’re able to place me. RF was definitely one of the highlights of my year <3

I fully support this ambition. :slight_smile: When I moved out to California from Florida in 2002 I attempted to follow as much of Route 66 as I could, but hopped on the interstate when that was the best approximation. I suspect if I did it again I’d avoid the interstates entirely even when that meant going out of the way.

I’ve driven much of 66-- in fact, I spent almost my entire childhood within a thousand yards of it. The best part is, I suspect, going to o be getting over the Rockies. But this is off-topic, I fear. Even though it’s a terrible lot of fun to talk about.

One day. ONE. DAY. (On a bike, obviously.)

Amenthor had to make the drive back from New Ham to Seattle. I off-handedly mentioned that I wish I could fly out just so I could ride back with him and keep him company, since I’ve never gone cross-country before. Next thing I know we’re buying me a plane ticket XD Took I-5 most of the way sticking north. Didn’t get to see the Grand Canyon, but did get to see Mt. Rushmore and a bit of Yosemite. We bought our temp wedding rings in South Dakota’s Black Hills Gold area, and the towns there were so small that if you sneezed, you missed them. My favorite part though was driving through Montana. It was stunning going through the mountains. Everything feels cleaner, especially the air. People still address each other as Ma’am and Sir, and fully use Please, Thank You, and Pardon Me. Amenthor and I might even wind up retiring there.

It was an amazing experience, and one I’d happily do again. We just need to remember to bring an actual GPS next time since our phones stopped working between Penn and Idaho x.x No signal at all, so we had to hit the truck stops every time we entered a new state and go off of the good ol’e paper maps.

I’ve done Route 66. Had my car break down in Gallup, NM and stayed at a seedy 50s motel while the Mom and Pop garage next door fixed it.

As scenic highways go, I much prefer Highway 101 up the West Coast. It is GORGEOUS! Do it if you ever get the chance. I’ve only done the stretch from Astoria to Lincoln City but I’d love to go all the way from Seattle to San Francisco one day.

As far as RainFurrest, I really enjoyed traveling from Portland via Amtrak Cascades. The views were nice, the trains were new and pretty well-kept, and traveling by rail in the US is still pretty hassle-free (no Big Brother machines to undress you electronically).