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Quarterly Magazine

See, I think a quarterly magazine highlighting the fiction of members is a great idea. If we actually paid writers for the fiction. Use advertisers to get up the money to pay our writers! That would be fantastic. (Though at that point, I suppose it’s not all that different from the anthology.)

But no matter what people think about their work and whether they want to be paid for it or not, as a writers’ organization we have a responsibility to make sure our actions don’t help promulgate problematic attitudes. And we already get enough ‘you should be glad for the exposure, you shouldn’t ask for pay too’ in this fandom. We want to set an example here. I would think, anyway. That’s just my opinion.

The question of how to get more visibility for writers in general is a vexing one, and I think any attempt to fix it is a good thing. I’m glad you posted the idea, Sean. :slight_smile:

The guild has accomplished a great deal in the last few years.

I’d definitely like to see some revenue stream attached to this idea, or at the very least, perhaps, something along the lines of “One story = 1 advertising slot”, which would allow us to print old reprint stories and in turn receive advertising we can use to forward our paying projects.

Would it be too much of a swing to turn the pamphlets that are being distributed at cons into this zine? Two birds, one zine. To clarify, I’m saying that this quarterly production would be a merger of the phamplet, stories, and ads. It sounds like more people would be interested in it that way.

Also it sounds like Sean is already offering a majority of his services towards this, so is there any reason not to? (Looking past the details of ads, payments, etc.)