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Prompt for 9/26/13

If this is your first time stopping by for a Thursday Prompt, please check out the FAQs (http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?topic=44.0). If not then please feel free to post your story wherever and link it here. Please mark any adult stories as such.

This week’s prompt is An Act
What kinds of acts are you guys putting on this week? Are they acts pertaining to a show or are they acts pertaining to the choices you’ve made in your life?

I’d love any feedback anyone has, either here or in the comments or in the comments of the journal post for the prompt. It’s not a great piece, but it’s part of a larger arc of a story I want to tell, so I’m keeping it. Besides, if I don’t put stuff up and get feedback, I won’t improve quickly at all ^^