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Prompt for 4/10/14

If this is your first time stopping by for a Thursday Prompt, please check out the FAQs (http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?topic=44.0). Please feel free to post your story wherever and link it here. Please mark any adult stories as such.

This week’s prompt is 6 am.

Besides being my wake-up time every morning, it’s a fascinating time on the planet. The sun is just starting to peek its head over the horizon, revealing the morning dew that glistens on the grass.

What are some of your early morning stories?

I wrote several things but none of them were particularly noteworthy. I think I might skip this one because I can’t make six A.M. very interesting. I’ll do more thinking on it over the week.

The point of the prompt has always just been to write, so as long as you wrote something because of it, that’s good even if it doesn’t get finished or shared. :slight_smile:

I wrote a very gumpy poem this morning that I’m not willing to share because I feel I can do a lot better.
But it sort of coerced me towards a new project, which is a good thing.