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Prompt for 10/31/13

Reminder: The prompts are going to be taking a hiatus for the months of November and December due to the holidays.

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This week’s prompt is Member
Most of you are members of the guild, and I’m sure almost all of you are members of something. What sorts of things are you a member of?

That’s not where my mind immediately went :-[

Yeah. I know. You’re the fourth person I’ve heard this from =p

Tried to steer this prompt in a happier direction, but sadly it got dark very, very fast.

The real challenge for this prompt will be to not write porn. :wink:

I’m writing the next part to my story this week with this prompt and I can assure you this won’t be porn. Going to be a cake walk to fit this prompt in there. May be able to write more than like five lines!

Part Three of Crime in Twenty Prompts, and no penis!