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Prompt for 10/10/13

Announcement: The prompts are going to be taking a hiatus for the months of November and December due to the holidays.

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This week’s prompt is Portal
Whether the cake is a lie or you’re being transported to another word, portals are a big topic of interest in today’s society. What other kinds of portals are out there?

God this was weird to write. Short response for this week’s, mainly because I’m trying to get a few things going outside of the internet that really, really require my attention. Posted it to my DA considering it isn’t strictly furry.

You think I’d be safe throwing it on FA, too? I wasn’t too sure.
Disregard that; here’s the FA link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11810368/
DA link: http://nightmareoctopus.deviantart.com/art/Dichotomy-406612030

I sometimes question if the moderators on FA know what writing is, let alone actually read. So I imagine it’s fine.

I was actually wondering that myself, given how few options there are for categorizing stories on FA. Or rather, the categories are all geared towards art and none fit works of literature. I toyed with labeling that story as Abstract, but just went with general. Really, I know that category was intended for something that looks like a 5 year old’s masterpiece, not anything with text.

It’s a shame they aren’t more dedicated to the writers that are a part of the fandom, considering it seems they’re at least a significant portion of the community.

Yeah, this is why I mostly post on SoFurry!

I wrote a Portal fic. So sue me.

Seriously though, I’d love feedback on the humor, and why it did or didn’t work. I used a combination of standard GLaDOS fare with original stuff. Part of the humor of her dialogue comes from the delivery, so a lot of it is bound to be lost, but hey.