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Prompt for 1/23/14

If this is your first time stopping by for a Thursday Prompt, please check out the FAQs (http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?topic=44.0). Please feel free to post your story wherever and link it here. Please mark any adult stories as such.

This week’s prompt is Smell

While the noses of several people are to clogged up to perform this sensory action this time of year, there are several smells out there; good and bad. Especially with the heightened senses held by animals, what stories do you have about the things a schnozz can do?

OK, OK, I’ll come clean. I would love to claim this as prompt-inspired, but actually I started writing it, then the prompt turned up the next day. Possibly I have hitherto unsuspected psychic powers. Either way, I’ve only just got round to posting in my various haunts: