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Potential request for readers

Hi guys,

Just testing the waters-

Is there much appetite within this community to review new novels before release? Is that a common request on here - or frowned upon?

I’m hoping to release my book in August and am hoping to find some keen readers beforehand :smiley:

The book is essentially ‘animal noir’ - similar to Blacksad but less violent. But not as fluffy as Zootopia.



I’ll say that “appetite” is questionable, but there are a handful of reviewers out there that certainly would be happy to receive a digital ARC and review prior to release. I’ve done that with a couple of my books, and it’s worked out decently.

Always something you can ask!

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Thank you Sean, much appreciated

You will be my first victim, then! Of my slapdash reviews! I critique general grammar/spelling and the narrative voice, and I express enthusiasm for exceptional prose. I’ll post them here! What d’you have?