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Police Officer

By the by, I’m a former police officer. I’d be more than happy to consult anyone if they have Law Enforcement related questions. I still keep up with a lot of the blogs on all the new toys, and have several friends that are still active LEO’s

The female main character in my upcoming werecat book ALWAYS GRAY IN WINTER (coming in August from Thurston Howl Publications) is a former US Navy Master-at-Arms. And the male main character is a Maritime Enforcement Specialist in the US Coast Guard (or was, at least, before earning an officer’s commission). He gets stuck working with a hard-charging civilian from Homeland Security. Certainly would be interested in your reading when the time comes. Did a ridicustupid amount of research and would be glad for a professional’s opinion whether I put it to good use. More on me and my book at https://www.mark-engels.com/


If youre looking for some more research material theres an officer who hosts a pretty good youtube channel where he posts videos every week or so about just daily life as an officer.

Just might have to check that out. Thank you Devin! Pleased to meet you.


I have two mysteries in the works where the Main Character either witnesses or is accused of a murder and goes about trying to prove they didn’t. Can you tell me anything about interrogation or police protocol concerning snooping civilians? I watch a lot of mystery movies and murder shows but I feel like I need a better idea of what actually goes on in that process. Would you be willing to help?

Any information would be good. I really can’t do much on this story without it.

There is a yahoogroup called crimescenewriter that is made to answer authors’ questions about police, detective, medical and investigative topics. There are actual cops, doctors, forensics scientists etc on the group to answer questions. I know it’s a pretty well-used resource for authors writing in mainstream genres whose work features police story lines. Might be worth searching up.