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Pledge to Read for Furry Booktober!

Glad to see Furry Booktober off to a great start! But it isn’t a month of books without actually reading them.

I pledge to read and review 2 books!


I’ve done a fair bit of furry reading lately, so I’m going to attempt writing and posting 4 reviews (yikes!).

For Furry Booktober, I’ll be reading Rat’s Reputation by Michael H. Payne and Flower’s Fang by Madison Keller. If I have time, I may try to read ROAR Volume 1 as well. (I’ve read all the other volumes, but as the current editor, it seems like I really should have read them ALL.)

I pledge to finish Gods with Fur and to read at least two more furry books from guild members this month. :slight_smile:
I’m going to be blogging at least weekly too, sharing recommendations, reviews and links and some free fiction.

I shall make a pledge as well, since I have been really good about buying books and then not reading them.

I will start with pledging to read one of the books on my kitchen table: Altered States or Ploughed.

I finished Rat’s Reputation today (yeah… I may have started it before October), and here’s my Goodreads review:

[i]Rat’s Reputation is a beautiful, lyrical book that follows the main character, Rat, through decades of his life, and doing so, it allows the reader to see a wide swath of the world he lives in. In many ways, it’s similar to Brian Jacques’ Redwall books, but it has a depth and maturity that they don’t. I loved the Redwall books when I was about twelve, but I can love Rat’s Reputation now, as an adult. Metaphorically, Rat’s Reputation is a graphic novel with gorgeous illustrations to Redwall’s newspaper comic strip.

Even if you don’t love the Redwall books, though, there’s a lot of substance to Rat’s Reputation – it looks very carefully at what it feels like to grow up as an outsider and what it means to find your own position in the world as an adult. It’s a powerful and yet extremely pleasant read.[/i]

As a side note for people here, I think Rat’s Reputation would be an EXCELLENT choice for introducing new readers to furry fiction.

I have every intention to read and review “White Crusade” by Ben Goodridge


I started reading Otters in Space today! Been meaning to for SO LONG! Yay! :smiley:

I will also be reading ROAR Volume 7 this month. I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet (other than my own piece, of course) since I’ve been in Kenya, but I’ll finally be going home to my contributor’s copy this month. Same goes for Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves! Huzzah.

Next up on my reading stack is Forest Gods. I hope to finish that and at least two or three other books before MFF.

I’m going to try and finish Inhuman Acts and review it, as well as Indigo Rain.
Then I am not sure what I will try to get read.

Daniel got his contributor’s copy of Fragments of Life’s Heart in the mail today. (Yay!) So, I may read that when I finish Flower’s Fang, bumping ROAR 1 further back in the queue.

So many furry books to read!

Really glad to hear he got his copy! I hope you both enjoy it <3

I really need to take part in this >.< So for Furry Booktober, I pledge to read and review two books. My furry shelf in my bookcase is growing, so it’s about time I actually take advantage of it!

First review of the month: Flower’s Fang by Arara https://www.flayrah.com/6718/review-flowers-fang-madison-keller
First purchase of the month: The Latte Segment by Hupfen https://t.co/rBlWQCIPgb

My review of Flower’s Fang is shorter than Huskyteer’s, but equally positive:

Flower’s Fang is an excellent, thoroughly enjoyable piece of fiction. The characters and story are compelling, and the world is completely delightful. It’s a fantasy world, primarily inhabited by canine Jegera and plant-like Kin. The details and different cultures of these two races and their interaction with each other are fascinating. I very much look forward to reading the next book.

Here is my glowing review of “The Builders” by Daniel Polanski.

Currently reading The Latte Segment!
Reviewed Splice: Conditioning! https://www.flayrah.com/6727/review-splice-conditioning-cocoa

My second book review for this month is “Goddess” by Arilin Thorfera.

I reviewed Dog Country!

My review for “The White Crusade” by Ben Goodridge can be found here :

My Review for ROAR 7 is up at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R3VAEQIDACUVE2/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1614503273.

I’m also reading THE BEES and TITAN (has centaurs)