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Playing Jeopardy?

Jeopardy, for those of you outside the U.S., is a popular daily television gameshow, in which contestants are given a clue of some sort, such as a phrase, a name, or sometimes an image. They must phrase their answer in the form of a question, as in "What is ? or Who is?.

If I’m reading some Twitter accounts correctly, one of the contestants this week is the furry community’s famous Bucktown Tiger, noted for his mad piano playing skills. I watched this evenings game and the young man with the first name Josh (can’t remember his last name) came out the winner. I would like to note that during the game there were two clues that required some substantial knowledge of literature. The first that stood out was about the 20th century English author Evelyn Waugh and Josh, or should I just say, Bucktown Tiger, correctly answered with the response “What is a little learning?” The clue was about Waugh’s 1964 A Little Learning: the First Volume of an Autobiography
His second good play came in the final round, “Final Jeopardy”. His correct response to the clue about a character of fiction named “Passepartout” was “Who is Jules Verne?” (from Verne’s 1873 Around the World in Eighty Days) He already had a substantial points (dollars) lead and he gained enough to win the final round.

Congratulations to Bucktown Tiger for major literary knowledge!