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Pet Lessons

I’m working on a small project and was curious what others might have to say about this question. You’ll notice that the two most popular- cats and dogs- aren’t options, mainly because I already know what I’m going to say on those two. So if at all possible, please focus on anything but, and be sure to comment what the lesson was (lessons were) after you vote.

Thank you!

I’ve had gerbils as a kid and an adult. They taught me that even tiny animals with tiny brains have their own personalities and preferences, and also that being incredibly curious, fearless and foolhardy when you are a tiny, frail being is both comical and lovable.

Adjunct the poll: What Pet have I Learned the Most From -
Hi Munchkin;
Very interesting poll question. I hope you’ll share your conclusions with us.

 Rodents are creatures I write about, i.e. water rats and therefore researched widely over time. Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of NIMH is one well-known example of the genre. My little rodent is a young lady on a mission, and while written for early readers, offers up an argument for peace between different congregations.

May good luck attend you, tholepin