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*peeks out from around the door* hi

Hi there! I’m Veo Corva, but you can call me V. I’m a feathery crow dragon and this is…actually my first interaction with the furry community, though I do have furry friends. :sweat_smile:

I’ve been publishing my fiction since 2019 and all of my books have involved shapeshifting (and one of my books also involved a real-world furry getting isekaied along with their TTRPG group into their werefox character), but my upcoming novel is my first true furry novel since the first novel I completed back when I was…eighteen? Maybe? And was dismissed by my critique group who refused to read it because it was anthro. I’ve come a long way since then, but it feels sort of like healing to come back to furry fiction again.

About me, uh…I love gaming (and I stream a bit of that), my cat is my little familiar, and I am the eldest of seven siblings which sounds like a joke but it’s really honestly true. I’m autistic, agender, queer, and I’m an incredible anxious person (and more than a little awkward), but I’m friendly and always happy to hear from friendly folk.

Anyway…yeah! Hello! Anyone else here writing feral rather than more anthro fiction, or writing space fantasy or cosy fiction?

Hi V!

I’m sorry your critique group refused to read your novel because it was anthro. I don’t understand why someone would do that—if they know your writing, they know it’s good. Then why the anthro hate?

Regardless, there is a large anthro reading community! I’m glad it feels healing to come back!

Hello! Yeah it was sort of a shock at the time, hence why I didn’t really write anything furry for over a decade after. It’s encouraging to know that there’s an anthro reading community out there for sure!

What sort of things do you tend to write?

Fiction, haha. I don’t really have any set genre. I write what my muse dictates!

That said, in anthro fiction, I tend toward meta-furry (like your TTRPG example).

Also, if you want to meet more anthro authors, I recommend the discord or telegram. Both are much more active.

I really get that re: Fiction. And meta-furry fiction sounds like a lot of fun. :smiley:

Thanks for the tip! I’m on the discord already and have had a few chats there. I’ll give the Telegram a go when I’m feeling ready to brave a new social media. I appreciate you checking in and saying hello here even though it’s so quiet. :slight_smile:

I get emails about a week after people post in here, so I’ll usually stop in to say hi then. I’m the unofficial welcomoo, haha.

I’m most active on telegram, as telegram has all my custom stickers and gifs. Haha.

My first novel was fantasy, with a Minotaur main character. My second novel isn’t anthro, but my third and fourth take place in a world where you can become your fursona through science. So there are lots of fun My fifth is contemporary, but has furries and pups as well.