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Open call for CLAW: F/F anthology

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the first ever F/F erotic furry anthology, CLAW! Claw will be a yearly anthology in the same vein as ROAR and FANG, so the same general rules apply. Because this is CLAW’s inaugural volume, the theme is “General”, meaning that we are accepting a wide variety of submissions across multiple genres; the editor would like a healthy showcase of F/F erotica, so please feel free to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy. :wink:

Claw is first and foremost a F/F erotic furry anthology, so all submissions must include anthropomorphic animals and contain erotic content. That being said, please refrain from excessive gore, bestiality, rape or other extreme content.

Kirisis “KC” Alpinus will be the lead editor for this inaugural edition. That being said, I am looking for enthusiastic slush pile readers. I would also like to showcase the diverse female and female-identifying authors in this fandom, so I am strongly encouraging ladies to submit their stories for consideration and applying to work on this team. If you are interested, please send an email to swirlytales@gmail.com detailing your interest and experience working with slush piles.

Please adhere to the following submission guidelines for this anthology:

  1. Story length is between 2,500 and 12,000 words. Please query if you plan to exceed this limit.
  2. Multiple Submissions – Please limit yourself to no more than 2 submissions.
  3. Reprints – For this anthology, reprints will not be accepted. (Anything previously published online is considered a reprint).
  4. Simultaneous Submissions – Query for simultaneous submissions
  5. All submissions must be an attachment (.doc, docx, rtf) in Standard Manuscript format
  6. Please send all submissions to swirlytales@gmail.com using Standard Manuscript Guidelines (Strange Horizons has a wonderful link here: http://strangehorizons.com/submit/fiction-submission-guidelines/)

Publication/Work Schedule:
• Submissions Open: February 3, 2017
• Submissions Close: September 3, 2017
• Release Date: Anthrocon 2018
• 1/2 cent per word and a contributor copy of the publication
CLAW is a FurPlanet/Bad Dog Books Production | KC Alpinus is proud to join the Furplanet/Bad Dog Books Production family with this inaugural anthology.

I may want to give this a shot. I’m glad there’s finally a F/F anthology in the works!

very very happy to hear about this!

Now that I’m finished with my second submission for Tarl, I may look into submitting to this one over the next month or so.

I tried to get my wife to submit; as you know she writes a little erotica, too. But, alas, she just cannot make the leap to Furry.

Still, maybe something will come to me. Most of my past f/f sex scenes… maybe even all, not sure… involved former males. Not sure that sort of TG would be appropriate for the initial launch of Claw (unless it was truly outstanding).

We’ve had this question come up on Twitter too so I guess I’ll repeat here. Trans women are women so yes, trans women stories would be okay to submit.

That question was from me. which i was actually going to repost the answer…as soon as I found it in my replies. ^^;

I assumed so, but it’s nice to see it in writing :slight_smile: ya’ll are awesome, and so is this project

goes back to working on her submission

Lol we try. It’s been a long time coming and honestly, just glad to see so much interest in this project.

Good luck and we look forward to reading your submissions! :smiley:

I’ve started on a story for this anthology. So far 4 pages done.

I got my story submitted now. Hope to hear back soon.

Hi all!

Just a little reminder that we have a little over a month to get your stories in. We’re open tp a variety of genres and stories, as long as they contain F/F relationships.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message me. :slight_smile: