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On The Future Of The Coyotl Awards

Please take a moment to look at our new blog post on the subject of the Coyotl Awards.

What is the scope of the redesign planned for the Coyotl website? I must admit I didn’t get the chance to look at the old website before it was lost. But I’ve been meaning to get more involved with the Guild and I feel this is somewhere I could possibly offer help. I can provide different types of website samples depending on what is needed. I have experience working with ASP .NET, Wordpress, HTML/CSS and recently GoDaddy’s website builder.

At the moment, we’re looking at doing the Coyotl domain as a portion of the FWG site. This would help keep down costs and simplify updates. Instead of doing nominations and votes on the site itself, we would use Google Polls.

This is what I’m being told. This course would allow us to get things up and running very quickly, so I’m inclined to try it.

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That does sound like it would allow for quicker updates. Especially when you consider you won’t have to re-write poll taking software since you’ll be using Google Polls.

You can still look at the old Coyotl Awards website using the Internet wayback machine. Though, it looks like the most recent snapshot is from before the winners from 2018 were announced. Although, that information should be fairly easy to recover from the Twitter account.


We have indeed already recovered it, but thank you.