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Novella/Novel Cut Off

How many pages does a published work have to be before it’s considered a novel? I’m not sure if Tempe’s Sixes Wild: Echoes is a long novella or a short novel.

50k and over. I know this because Mary just confirmed it in the Slack channel! =)

I checked with the author, and Sixes Wild: Echoes is a novel.

Just noticed you asked for page and not word count. And that knowing the word count wouldn’t help. That’s what I get for answering questions while sick.

Thanks for the info, folks! Sean, hope you feel better soon!

Most sources I have seen say that 50,000 words will give you about 100 pages. How close to 100 depends on a couple of factors (Size of font, books size, etc.), but 100 pages is a good standard to go off of.

Page count isn’t very useful as there are too many variables, which is why we normally stick to word count as a measure of story length.

True, but seldom do you see a book pronounce it’s word count.