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Non-published story reviews.

This thread is dedicated to sharing reviews or links to stories that are posted to FA or some other website that you think are solid stories that you would like share with others. I am sure we have all had a story like this pique our interest, give us inspiration or just entertain us at one point or another. It only makes sense to point out these kinds of stories when we come across them.

Therefore, I invite you to share links and reviews of non-traditionally published stories that you like:

Gone by jeevestheroo:

From the authors page: “Gone is an apocalyptic drama set in a furry world.” This novel tells the story of one couple’s struggle to re-find their place in the world after an event that causes half of the population of the world to suddenly -and simultaneously- disappear without a trace. Families are torn apart and the very fabric of civilization quickly crumbles. Amidst the chaos, two lovers, lucky to still have each other, must overcome their situation and find a place where they can rebuild their lives together.

I like this story in the same way I like “The walking dead.” As an apocalyptic tale, its focus is very much on the choices people make to survive in a world turned upside down. Is it right to take food, or a car, or find shelter in a house if the owner is one of the vanished? Do you keep moving, or settle down? What if the disappearance happens again, and the person you’re leaning on as your only pillar of support disappears next?

The settling is a little generic for “modern day”. It is a furry story as a kind of afterthought, as a person’s species matters very little apart from description. Really that’s okay though, because the focus of the story is much more on the human emotions and thoughts in play.

Please check out a chapter or two and see if you like it, you can find the chapter index here.