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Nominations for the 2015 Coyotl Awards are OPEN!

We’re moving up the nomination/voting schedule for this year. Our usual location for the awards ceremony is no longer available, and we need to search out other options. Some of those options may involve holding the awards ceremony earlier than usual. Thus, we’re opening for nominations earlier.

Nominations are open through the end of March. So let us know what works of furry fiction from last year are worth recognizing!


The 2015 Ursa Major Awards final ballot will be announced on March 15th. I imagine that the five finalists on it in the Novel, Short Fiction, and any anthologies and collections in the Other Literary Work categories will also be Cóyotl nominees.

Are editors of anthologies allowed to nominate contributor stories in the anthology they edited for Coyotls?
(ie: Am I allowed to nominate stories from Inhuman Acts for Coyotls as none of them were written by me?)

No, the editor of an anthology cannot nominate works from the anthology. So, you cannot nominate stories from Inhuman Acts, and I cannot nominate stories from ROAR 6.

Less than two weeks left to get those nominations in!

So hard to choose!

Nominations close tomorrow.