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Nominations for 2017 OPEN!

Nominations for the 2017 Cóyotl Awards are now open!


FurPlanet’s 2017 publications, eligible for the 2017 Cóyotl Awards and Ursa Major Awards:

NOTE: This list is categorized using Cóyotl Awards word counts, Ursa Major Award categories based on word count are slightly different from the Cóyotl Awards and are as follows: Novel (40,000 words +), Short Fiction (less than 40,000)

Best Novel (50,000 words or longer)

Black Dust by Invisiblewolf and Achilles (136,000)
Camouflage by Kyell Gold* (105,000)
Griffin Ranger Volume 2: The Monster Lands by Roz Gibson (190,000)
Kismet by Watts Martin (114,000)
Legacy: Dusk by Rukis (74,000)
Love Match: Volume 1 (2008-2010) by Kyell Gold* (126,000)
Otters in Space 3: Octopus Ascending by Mary E. Lowd** (67,000)
The Tower and the Fox by Tim Susman* (112,000)

Best Novella (between 20,000 and 50,000 words long)

From Dubiously Canon by Rukis:
Sinful Behavior (29,500)

From Dogs of War Volume 1, edited by Fred Patten:
End of Ages by BanWynn Oakshadow (21,000)

From Dogs of War Volume 2, edited by Fred Patten:
My Brother’s Shadow by M.R. Anglin (25,000)

Best Short Story (up to 20,000 words long)

From Bleak Horizons, edited by Tarl Hoch:
Adrift by Kandrel (7,400)
4/13/2060 by Franklin Leo (7,600)
Hardwire by Ton Inktail (4,000)
The Ouroboros Plate by Slip Wolf (7,200)
The First Viewing by Corgi W (6,100)
Clicking by Ianus J. Wolf (9,200)
Blink by James Stone (6,200)
Pentangle by Ross Whitlock (7,300)
Starless by Searska GreyRaven (8,400)
This Way by Frances Pauli (3,900)
Outlier by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt (5,800)
Not Like Us by KC Alpinus (6,700)
Clear and Cruel by Bill Kieffer (5,000)
Blessed are the Meek by Rechan (3,800)
Hollow by Chris “Sparf” Williams (12,000)

From Dogs of War Volume 1, edited by Fred Patten:
Nosy and Wolf by Ken MacGregor (3,200)
After Their Kind by Taylor Harbin (4,200)
Succession by Devin Hallsworth (3,000)
Two If By Sea by Field T. Mouse (9,500)
The Queens’ Confederate Space Marines by Elizabeth McCoy (3,400)
The Loving Children by Bill McCormick (2,300)
Strike, But Hear Me by Jefferson P. Swycaffer (10,200)
Shells On the Beach by Tom Mullins (10,550)
Cross of Valor Reception for the Raccoon, Tanner Williams, Declassified Transcript by John Kulp (5,500)
Last Man Standing by Frances Pauli (4,500)
Hunter’s Fall by Angela Oliver (6,200)
Old Regimes by Gullwulf (9,100)
The Shrine War by Alan Loewen (11,800)
The Monster in the Mist by Madison Keller (6,500)
Wolves in Winter by Searska GreyRaven (2,700)
The Third Variety by Rob Baird (12,000)
The Best and Worst of Worlds by Mary E. Lowd** (6,900)
Tooth, Claw and Fang by Stephen Coghlan (3,100)
Sacrifice by J.N. Wolfe (9,300)
War of Attrition by Lisa Timpf (2,900)
Fathers to Sons by MikasiWolf (7,300)
Hoodies and Horses by Michael D. Winkle (4,500)

From Dogs of War Volume 2, edited by Fred Patten:
Dog, Extended by Cairyn (9,300)
Remembrance by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden (4,800)
Scars by Televassi (11,100)
The Surface Tension by Dwale (8,700)
Close to Us by MikasiWolf (10,200)
Lime Tiger by Slip-Wolf (9,400)
Umbra’s Legion: The Destruction of Ismara by Geoff Galt (15,600)
Umbra’s Legion: Charon’s Obol by Adam Baker (3,800)
The Call by Lord Ikari (2,200)
Every Horse Will Do His Duty by Thurston Howl (3,100)
Matched Up by K. Hubschmid (6,400)
The Son of Goulon Stumptail by NightEyes DaySpring (7,600)
Noble by Thomas “Faux” Steele (8,100)
Trial by Error by Jaden Drackus (7,700)
The Night the Stars Fell by KC Alpinus (13,800)
Tears of the Sea by MikasiWolf (2,500)
The Pack by Argyron (14,300)
Red Engines by Kris Schnee (4,300)
Going Home by Miles Reaver (12,500)

From Dubiously Canon by Rukis:
Language Barrier (11,100)
By Touch (10,600)
Ship to Ship (13,200)
Singh Gets Punched in the Face (752)

From FANG Volume 8, edited by Ashe Valisca:
Serenity in Blue by Al Song (14,900)
For Metal Do I Bleed by NightEyes DaySpring (5,400)
Reflections by TJ Minde (9,300)
A Night Out by Jaden Drackus (8,400)
Antisocial Paradise by Miriam “Camio” Curzon (14,300)
Cause No Trouble by NightEyes DaySpring (8,200)
IRL by Billy Leigh (9,800)
Heavenly Flesh by Slip Wolf (11,000)
Waking Neil by Skunkbomb (5,500)
Too Good by Mythicfox (7,600)
Making Contact by Tym Greene (13,200)
The Center of My Universe by T. D. Coltraine (13,300)
Little Death by James Hudson (8,000)
Empty by Faora Meridian (1,600)

From Intimate Little Secrets by Rechan:
When the Paint Dries (5,200)
Rickety V (10,300)
Strange on a Train (5,700)
Three to Tango (4,400)

From ROAR Volume 8, edited by Mary E. Lowd:
Northern Delights by Madison Keller (10,500)
Flying Back to Paradise by Jelliqal Belle (2,900)
Personal History by Tim Susman* (7,000)
The Lion Sleeps by Frances Pauli (2,700)
Tucked Away by E. S. Lapso (5,600)
When Pigs Fly by Amy Fontaine (2,000)
Funnel Dresses by Priya Sridhar (3,400)
A Christmas Tale for the Disenchanted by Mark Blickley (4,000)
Bite the Apple by Christopher Shaffer (8,000)
Lonesome Peak by John Giezentanner (5,500)
When the Milk Men Come by Searska Greyraven (1,700)
Nor’Killik by Matt Doyle (5,300)
We Are One by Thurston Howl (2,500)
Lucid by Nicholas Hardin (11,000)
Castle Phoenix by Bill Kieffer (10,400)
Kypris’ Kiss by Slip Wolf (5,800)
Behesht by Dwale (6,400)
Hope For the Harbingers by Allison Thai (4,400)

Best Anthology (any length)

Bleak Horizons, edited by Tarl Hoch
Dogs of War Volume 1, edited by Fred Patten
Dogs of War Volume 2, edited by Fred Patten
Dubiously Canon by Rukis
Intimate Little Secrets by Rechan
FANG Volume 8, edited by Ashe Valisca
ROAR Volume 8, edited by Mary E. Lowd

  • withdrawn from Ursa Major Awards by the author
    ** withdrawn from Cóyotl Awards by the author

My eligible stuff:

Dragon Fried Cheese: Dragonsbane Saga Book 3

Short Stories:
The Monster in the Mist (6,500) from Dogs of War 1 - https://www.books2read.com/u/mZ5805
Northern Delights (10,500) from ROAR Volume 8 -https://www.books2read.com/u/bPJn7l
The Fluffpocalypse (8,500) from Enter the Apocalypse
The Dragon of Volcano Island (6,500) from Arcana: A Tarot Anthology

If you want to read Dragon Fried Cheese, The Dragon of Volcano Island, or The Fluffpocalypse send me a DM and I can send you copies for review for the awards.

Here’s what we have from Goal Publications:

reWritten by Jako Malan

Anthology: Symbol of a Nation edited by Fred Patten

Short Stories (within Symbol of a Nation):

  • Didus ineptus Linnaeus by Roz Gibson
  • A Poor Uncle’s Apprentice by BanWynn Oakshadow
  • Remembering the Forgotten by H.J. Pang
  • The Moon Like an Unhatched Egg by Mary Lowd (eligible for an Ursa, not a Coyotl)
  • Crossroads the Namib by Jako Malan
  • Sdani White Wings by Jennifer Sowle
  • The Scent of Lantana by Frances Pauli
  • Huitaca by Televassi
  • To the Kingdom They Come by H.J. Pang
  • Bread and Butter by Allison Thai
  • The Lion of the Low Countries by Huskyteer

I’ll be running an FWG member-only discount of 30% off starting on the 15th of January running until February 15th for both of these titles, so if you haven’t picked them up already, that will be a good time to do so!

Here’s THP’s eligible works:

Seven Deadly Sins, edited by Thurston Howl
SPECIES: Wolves, edited by Thurston Howl
Arcana, edited by Madison Scott-Clary
Furries Among Us 2, edited by Thurston Howl

Pride of Parahumans, by Joel Kreissman

GENMOS: Gathering Storms, by Stephen Coghlan
Mist, by Amy Fontaine
Always Gray in Winter, by Mark J. Engels
Skeleton Crew, by Gre7g Luterman; illus. by Rick Griffin
The Stable Boy, by Sisco Polaris; illus. by Rov
Phantom Janitor, by Vincenzo Pasquarella

Gaffers, by Kadrian Blackwolf
Glass, by Slip Wolf
A Winter’s Work, by Renee Carter Hall
The Winter Wolf, by Kristen Hubschmid
Lone, by John Kulp
The Needle and the Departed, by Weasel
Stealing the Show, by Jaden Drackus
Wolves that Sing, by Billy Leigh
INSTINCT, by Faolan
Don’t Judge Me, by Sisco Polaris
Down in the Valley, by Billy Leigh
Click, by T. Thomas Abernathy
Fun at the Mall, by Teiran
Bones, by Searska Grey Raven
Those Three Letters, by Rayah James
For the Sins of the Father, by Sisco Polaris
I Burned the Bridges to Heaven, by Weasel
The Collection, by T. Thomas Abernathy
Stay, by Hypetaph
The Beauty Regime, by Evelyn Proctor
Richard Cory, by Tristan Black Wolf
Lucy, by Dax
Devil’s Snare, by Faolan
Black Fur, by Gullwulf
Repository, by Hypetaph
The Bear Necessities, by Bill Kieffer
Relations, by TJ Minde
A Voice Not Spoken, by Stephen Coghlan
Listmember Lost, by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow
Victuals, by Dwale
Anthrophagy, by Zarpaulus
The Music on the Street, by NightEyes DaySpring
Runaway, by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow
Shelter, by Avin Telfer
Drop Tower, by Varzen
Migration Season, by J.A. Noelle
Seven Deadly Sins Interludes, by Thurston Howl
The First Step, by Makyo
Cat’s Paw, by Mut
Catalyst, by Kristina “th’buni” Tracer
Domestic Violence, by Frances Pauli
Joseph and the Technicolor Fur Coat, by Stephen Coghlan
The Lunatic, by C.M. Averin
Love Not Misplaced, by Hypetaph
Avoiding the Subject, by TJ Minde
Chasing the Dragon, by Baxil
While It Lasts, by John Kulp
The Dragon of Volcano Island, by Madison Keller
Red, by Searska GreyRaven
Unbound, by Sparf
St. John’s Bridge, by Rose LaCroix
A Temper for Order, by Frances Pauli
Faux, by Atrum
The Storm, by J.S. Hawthorne
No Peas in My Garden, by Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen
Who Fights With Monsters, by Kyell Gold
Remembering Sisyphus, by George Squares
A Time for Giving, by Allison Thai
The Unification of Worlds, by Mary E. Lowd

Half of my eligible works are mentioned in the lists above! :smiley: Here are my other two eligible short stories from last year:

-“The Moon Fox” in Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores (free to read and beautifully illustrated, and my favorite of all my short stories thus far!) https://cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com/fiction-all/stories-for-young-people-from-4-to-400/the-moon-fox/
-“Hungry” in Fossil Lake IV: Sharkasaurus! https://fossillake.wordpress.com/fossil-lake-iv/

Thank you for your consideration! :3

Gosh, I had a slow year. Two short story publications not mentioned above:

‘Little Sun’ in Werewolves Versus Space (pay what you want from $0 up, go on go on go on)
‘Midway’ in Tales of the Sunrise Lands

Actually, “Parahumans” is under 50,000 words. That would make it a “novella”.

Amended. :slight_smile:

Wow, I just noticed I only had one new story published last year, and it was for Typewriter Emergencies.

“TV-P” – Typewriter Emergencies, https://www.typewriteremergencies.com/may-2017

Most of my eligible short stories are listed in the anthologies above. In addition I had the following this year. :slight_smile:

The Earth Tigers (41,500) novel/novella
Seed of A Doubt (in Passing Through anthology) short story
The Emperor and the Fox (in Tales of the Sunrise Lands) short story

I’ve been going around saying I have three eligible stories, but it seems the number is actually four. Hmm.

Two of them are flash fiction, so I’ll only include the longer ones:

“Behesht” from “Roar 8”
“The Surface Tension” from “Dogs of War II”

Hey guys! I have 3 eligible stories. In personal favorite order:

While it Lasts, in Arcana
Lone, in Species: Wolves
Cross of Valor Reception for the Raccoon Tanner Williams; Declassified Transcript, in Dogs of War

Edit: removed Street Fox, because Species: Foxes released this month, so it’ll be on next year’s list

For FWG members only: for the month of February, get 30% off the print and digital versions of both reWritten and Symbol of a Nation, both elligible for all the awards, with code awards2017.

Hope you guys enjoy these stories as much as we did!

For Best Novel:

Book #1 of the Valens Legacy series: Black Friday, by Jan Stryvant
(On Amazon)

Better late than never because I’m terribly slack! Not many eligible stuff from Jaffa Books, but they are:
Fire Branded Leather - F. Gibbs
Fate of Three - J.F.R. Coates

In 2017 I published:

Novel: “Thousand Tales: Learning To Fly”
Short story collections: “Perspective Flip” and “Mythic Transformations”

A reminder that if you want to pickup reWritten or Symbol of a Nation, whether digital or physical, you have just a few more days to do so at 30% off with code awards2017. Remember that this is for FWG members only, so please don’t share the code.

Hey all! I’m really sorry I’m late to the party on this, but my novel “The Wayward Astronomer” is eligible to be nominated for the 2017 Coyotyl award!

Amazon Page: http://amzn.to/2EDYFfy
Book Website: http://www.thewaywardastronomer.com

I’m not sure if anyone here has yet picked up a copy, but I hope the strong reviews (4.8/5.0 with over 40 reviews) on Amazon will coax you into giving it a shot! I appreciate your consideration, and I’ll be nominating some works I’ve enjoyed from 2017 as well!

Note: nominations for the Cóyotl Awards close tomorrow (Thursday) night! Last chance for FWG members to get their nominations in: http://coyotlawards.org/nominations/