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Newly joined!

Hello everyone! I’m Nenekiri, a white and red western dragon that enjoys reading and writing a lot. I’ve been meaning to get involved with the furry writer’s guild for a while but hadn’t gotten the chance to set up a forum account. After talking to some people at the Anthrocon meet and greet I decided to try and get more involved. I’ve written a few short stories recreationally and only recently started to try my hand at submitting to some furry publications that had open calls. My publishing debut in furry was in the Anthrocon 2018 conbook where one of my stories was accepted. I hope to hang around here and learn from you all as I pursue getting better!

Hello and welcome!

Welcome and congrats on your first story acceptance!

Welcome to the forums and congratulations on the story acceptance!

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Welcome, and congrats on the conbook publication! That’s a lot of eyes on your work!

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes!


Hello, nice to see you!

Welcome to the forums!!!