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New website is live!

The members got a sneak peek of it a few days back, but it’s now up and running:

With thanks to Duroc for his help getting the domain mapped. :slight_smile:

There are still some bits under construction – most notably the “What is Furry?” page, which I admit I’ve been procrastinating on due to its complexity – but I’ll be filling those in during the coming weeks.

As a bit of explanation for why Wordpress.com: I know it might have been possible to get a guild member or two to design a website for us, but frankly, I wanted something simple to use and update, with good support and FAQs, and something where I could just turn over the password to the next president once my term’s up, and not have to worry about relying on anyone else to do updates or fix things for me. Wordpress.com fit the bill, and it also saves us from having to pay for hosting (though there is a $13 yearly charge to map the furrywritersguild.com domain, which I’m covering this year as a donation). Eventually if we want a new theme or more features, we can easily switch to a new look or upgrade to a premium package.

Members: Please look over your bios – lots of them appear to be outdated. Email new bios and/or pictures to me at furwritersguild (at) gmail.com, and I’ll get them up as soon as I can. Also check your external links on your bio pages and check spelling on names and such, and let me know if you find any problems. I’m also looking for guest blog posts from members – guidelines are here.

Everybody: If you have suggestions for resources that should be included on the website, let me know here in the forums or via email!

About what size would be good for pictures?

Really any size will work – some people have used 100 x 100 icons, and if it’s huge I can always size it down if necessary to fit the page – but probably somewhere in the 200s x 300s range is ideal.

If it’s artwork, be sure to list the artist so I can give credit (and of course that’s assuming it’s a commissioned piece or something you have their permission to post).