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Good evening, all!

I’m Diana A. Hart, aka “Fleet Hoof”, and I joined the Furry Writer’s Guild Forum to explore the fuzzier side of writing from craft and characters to how to handle the inevitable “objections” to fur-fic (short of a swift kick to the knee-caps… I’m told that’s bad for public image). Most of my work contains an element of fur, typically in the form of shape-shifters, and I can often be found talking shop on Reddit under the handle Voice-of-Aeona. One of my personal goals with my work is to help destigmatize furries in main-stream speculative fiction.

As for writing chops, I’m an Associate Member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). My SFWA qualifying piece, Miss Smokey, appears in the bestselling (and NYC Big Book Award winning) anthology Writers of the Future Vol. 34. (And yes, my story does have talking bears in it; I am thoroughly tickled a furry piece made the main-stream cut.) I have a few pieces of short fiction making their way through various slush piles, gotten personalized rejections from C.C. Finlay and Neil Clarke, and am currently revising a very fur-heavy retro-urban fantasy novel.

Welcome! Great to have an advocate for furry in the mainstream. And congratulations on Writers of the Future - I hear that’s a tough gig.

Pleased to meet you. I write shifters too which, as you know, has been a tough sell in this post-Twilight world in which we live. Last time I looked submission lists from agents and editors still include admonitions like “no vampires, no werewolves,” which I learned the hard way pitching my paranormal sci-fi thriller (and first in a werecat family saga series) means “no shifters of any kind.” Unless you’re writing paranormal romance, which I’m decidedly not


Welcome to the guild. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reassurance that it’s possible for people outside the fandom to take nonhuman characters seriously!


Welcome to the forums!