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New to the forums, cheers!

I decided to give these forums a look-over, and they’re well organized and clean, so why wouldn’t I want to join? I thought about joining a while ago, but I believe that was when the forums were in transition. They look great!

My pen name is D.L. Nighly. I happened to stumble on this guild through friends who are furries. I find anthropomorphic characters to be kind of liberating and they give the story a different twist, plus they’re fun to write with their own quirks and cultures that stem from their physiological differences. I like how your community really seems to strive toward excellence and looks to be growing, so it is something to aspire to.

I come from a storyweaving group on a different site that deals with international diplomacy and the likes. I’ve had two novels published - The Listonian and The Vekaiyun - and I am currently working on a third. I feel like I’ve learned a lot, but that there is still much, much more to learn! I’m eager and willing to listen, and I look forward to exploring this community as I continue to grow as a writer.


Hello and welcome! Always good to see new folks around. Do also feel free to check out the Slack if you’re interested in chatting more immediately with others, too.

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Welcome. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Greetings and Salutations, D.L.!

I hope you have a great time around here. We look forward to talking to you about fluffy animals!

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