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New, though only to here.

Hey there. I’m S.Park (yes, you can just pronounce it “spark”). Been writing basically forever (34 years now, I started at the age of six!) I’ve got two publication credits, both with Jaffa Books some years back. Blood Choice (a post-apocalyptic vampire story) and The Garden Maze, a short collection of fantasy stories.

I got seriously distracted by fanfiction for a while, and I still write a fair bit of that (it’s where the commissions seem to be, also), but I’m trying to focus more on original original fiction now, especially furry fiction. I write everything from cute, fluffy YA to serious hardcore fetish erotica. My major obsession is definitely vampires, though. Vampire slaying adventures, vampire romance, vampire erotica where the bite scenes are as steamy as the sex scenes… :smiley:

Currently working on a fury vampire novel that’s about a third of the way through, as well as a couple of novellas and a stack of short stories in various stages of completion. (Actually just finished the rough draft of one novella, which I feel has come out pretty nicely. It’s a historical gay vampire romance.)

You can find all my older writing and most of my fanfiction at my FA account, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sparkwrites/ and starting tomorrow there should be some of my newer writing as well.

Welcome to the forums!

Heh, you’re the same age as me, though you got a head start on the writing. Welcome!

Welcome, nice to meet you!


Welcome to the forums!