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New-Old President

Uh, hi again! I know I’ve been relatively quiet; the way the various officer roles are defined in the Guild bylaws, the VP doesn’t have a whole lot to do, and to be honest, I was okay with a bit of a break.

So, let’s talk about next steps.

As it turns out, the Guild Bylaws don’t give explicit guidance for the President resigning, but they have implicit guidance in the description of the VP’s duties, which include “assumption of all presidential duties should the president be unable to fulfill them.” (This would be akin to a lot of other organizations and governments.) So, as written, I would become president until the end of the normal year-long term (May 31).

The mild dilemma is that this isn’t what we initially said would happen, when Makyo proposed a special election within a month after her resignation. So, I want to throw this out to the general membership, at least those who read the forum: should we run a special election in November?

Or, to put it another way: is there someone else who wants to run for FWG President now, rather than waiting for March 2018?

If the answer is “no,” I’m fine with continuing as the bylaws seem to be written. If the answer is “yes,” we can work on setting up a special election.

I think following the by-laws as currently written would be the most prudent approach.


I admit when I compiled the by-laws, this possibility didn’t cross my mind. :confused:

The by-laws do state, though, that the president has the authority to interpret the by-laws and policies. On one hand, that could mean that Makyo had the authority, while still president, to call for a special election upon her resignation; on the other hand, that also means that you (Chipotle), as the acting president, are within your authority to interpret the implicit guidance of the VP section.

In practical terms, though, yeah, this is all a moot point unless someone else wishes to run.

I don’t see any benefit to holding an election immediately.