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New forum member influx

Hey guys,

I’m very happy to see the steady climb in members coming over to here. I have no idea what the forum size was like in the old FWG forums, but I hope to beat that size as well as keep the activity.

That being said, I’m trying to place everyone joining in the correct categories, whether they are FWG members or currently not a member. I’m not good enough to match people up with alternate names, so if I place you in the wrong category then please, let me know. I will fix it immediately.

Thanks everyone for helping this become possible.

If you want to help, feel free to spread the link to these forums around FA, twitter, Sofurry, and any other site you wish. I won’t have the time tomorrow, but Sunday afternoon-ish I plan to spend the whole day updating sites and advertising the forums wherever I can.

The old forums had around 150 legitimate registered members, give or take, although by the last few months, I’d say only about 10% or so were truly active on the forums.

I’ve posted links on FA and also as a Newsbyte on Flayrah, both in the interest of spreading the word generally and making sure that people still using the old forum link know that we’re over here now. I hate that I can’t leave a breadcrumb trail from the old forums to the new, but since I can’t even get to the old forums’ admin panel anymore, I doubt I’ll be able to post there again.

Thanks for all of your help, and it’s a terribly sad day when technology failures prevent you from getting to something you worked hard on =(

Oh, well. A fresh start isn’t necessarily a bad thing. :slight_smile:

True. Lets see what happens!

Okay, old forums are finally working again, so I was able to post an announcement there leading everyone here, and hopefully setting things so that no new posts can be made there. So now I have a sense of closure at last. XD

Beautiful. Lets see what happens.

I found the new forums through the message on the old site, so it worked for me!