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New Anthology Call for Submissions: THE RABBIT DIES FIRST

Hi, everyone! Ryan Campbell, the Pen Drake, here!

So it turns out that I’m putting together an anthology that will be published with FurPlanet. I hope you will consider submitting some of your best stuff. I think this is a fun idea that could turn out to be a really great little book. The call for Submissions will be published on FurPlanet soon, but I’m announcing here first:

Call for Submissions!

FurPlanet is pleased to invite writers of anthropomorphic fiction to submit to its upcoming anthology, The Rabbit Dies First. We are looking for stories of all genres: scifi, fantasy, horror, mystery, crime, romance, or slice of life – to name a few – all centered around two concepts: the rabbit is going to die, and someone else is next.

But I don’t want to kill a rabbit!
Then don’t! Maybe the rabbit knows the rabbit is supposed to die first. Maybe everyone only expects the rabbit to die. Maybe death isn’t what it seems. We encourage you to play with the concept, rebel against it, or adhere to it–whatever makes a great story.

Seriously, what genre? Is erotic fiction okay?
Erotic fiction is okay as long as it contributes to a good story. We’re looking for a balanced anthology with many different genre types, so give us the type of story you love to write the most, or take this opportunity to try a genre you’ve always wanted to write in. We want to put out a book full of stories that are fun, gripping, heartbreaking, suspenseful, sweet, sexy, terrifying, and any combination. Want to write a prison drama or a high seas adventure? Send it to us! Just remember: The Rabbit Dies First.

Is there anything you don’t want?
Glad you asked! We’re not looking for stories including gratuitous descriptions of extreme violence (torture porn), bestiality, or non-consensual sexual situations. We’re not interested in publishing stories that give a voice to racist or sexist ideologies. We also do not want stories with only humans and no anthropomorphic animals. We do welcome and will be looking for diverse voices.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be in standard manuscript format and attached in .doc, .docx., or .rtf format in an email to inle@macropolis.net with the subject STORY SUBMISSION: [Story Title Goes Here]

In the message body, please include a brief cover letter introducing yourself and your story.

Word Length: 2000-12000 words
Payment: 1 cent/word + contributor copy
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2018
Multiple Submissions: Maximum 2
Reprints: No
Simultaneous Submissions: No

The Rabbit Dies First is a FurPlanet Production. The editor is Ryan Campbell.

Well, that’s another diary entry for June then. Quite welcome too, as I was looking to get some more writing projects on the table.

With regard to the rabbit, must he/she be an actual anthro rabbit? Or can the rabbit be a different species; ‘rabbit’ being a nickname, or a code name, or an allegorical term, etc?

The concept is open to interpretation. I’m looking for good stories that play with the concept, but they must actually engage with it. “Reskinning” an older story, for example, to try to make it fit the concept might work, but I’ll have a number of submissions that will be stories actually written for the anthology, and those are more likely to be selected.

I’m looking forward to this!

Just a reminder to myself…
I have a world with organized cannibals as a religious rite… I should be able to think up something.

very interesting!

I’m pondering this one at the moment, having just rejuvenated my true Furry chars for writing short stories.

Also discovered “The rabbit died” is a euphemism for a positive pregnancy test, so wondering if I can somehow work that into the story.
Wikipedia article on it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_test

Ooh, that’s neat. I hope you manage to sneak that in!