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My withdraw from the election

May as well make a thread about it.

You can read about it here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5745031/

Wish it didn’t have to come to this, but it’s sadly necessary.

Thank you for stepping up at a time when the guild needed someone to take charge. You did a great job for the last half year, and I hope that you do continue editing anthologies. It’s really impressive how quickly you’ve taken Tales From The Guild, Volume 1 from a mere idea into an edited object that can be passed on to a publisher. You’ve accomplished a lot with the guild this year!

Best of luck in your endeavors and I hope you’ll continue to lend your abilities to the FWG when possible.

@ryffnah - thanks, I do hope to continue with the anthologies! This first one was definitely an adventure.

@dwale - you’ll still see me around, and I’ll help out when I can =)

From the short time I’ve been floating around it looks like you’ve done a lot of amazing work for the guild. I don’t think anyone would want to try and do all that AND hold down three jobs (or two…or one…and…pets) that is a Lot of stuff and the time you volunteered for the guild is a Lot to do.

I hope this decision gives you a little quiet time to breathe and relax. And we’ll see you around the interwebs!

Thanks, and I hope to get some time to relax as well. Or maybe at least get some housework done x.X

Reading the journal I’m surprised you were as active as you are now. Thank you for the resources you’ve provided with the guild so far and hopefully you’ll have the time needed to not just see to your animal companions, but also indulge in something both relaxing and enriching.